Humax 20in LCD TV as Monitor - Display Problems

  MrSheen 18:06 29 Dec 2005

I've just bought a Humax 20inch LCD TV that has a PC input so I could use it for DVDs and for my PC. Problem I'm having is that I can't get the resolution right. It's currently set at 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz but the text is only just clear enough to read! I've tried playing around with settings on the TV and my graphics card but can't get anything to work.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!!


  Stuartli 18:59 29 Dec 2005

Are you using the advised type of audio and video connection leads from the PC to the TV?

The TV's manual should detail the correct leads or cables.

  MrSheen 19:18 29 Dec 2005

I'm just using a standard female to female monitor cable. Are there different types? the TVs manual didn't specify any particular sorts.

Do you think it could be something to do with drivers?

  BRYNIT 22:16 29 Dec 2005

Have you read the instruction book to find the Max Resolution the TV will work at.

From the Humax web site I have read the description of the 20" TV and manage to view a manual. It read that the max resolution is 640 x 480 @ 60Hz I may be wrong.

If you are still having problems click here for the web page.

You could try E-mail : [email protected]

Or Tel : 0870 247 8800 (UK Customer Helpline)

  MrSheen 00:09 30 Dec 2005

The manual that came with it said that the max resolution is 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz, which is what its set at. just wondering if its just the quality of the TV thats the reason the image isnt that great. Photos look okay on screen but my desktop looks naff!! I've e-mailed Humax at the address you gave, just waiting to see what they say about it!

Thanks for all your help though! any more suggestions are welcome!

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