Hugely irritating wireless problem

  DanShuttleworth 15:12 04 Oct 2008

Hi, I am really hoping someone might be able to help me here as have spent about the last 7 hours on the phone to tech support and have done everything I can think of and am still nowhere!

Here's the problem:
- No longer able to connect to the internet wirelessly.
- Using Realtek RTL8180 wireless PCI card in Dell PC connecting to Buffalo WBMR-G125 Wireless router. The router lights show a DSL connection and Internet connection established, and the computer says it has successfully connecte to the wireless network, and I am able to ping the router so long as I have a LAN cable plugged into it also, but I am unable to connect to the internet and have no idea why.
The setup has been working for about 6 weeks and suddenly failed last Friday, there have been no changes in software or hardware in that time.

Any ideas anyone,
Cheers, Dan

  mgmcc 16:49 04 Oct 2008

When you first connect to your wireless network, a 'profile' is saved in the PC so that it can connect automatically in future when the network is available. That profile may have become corrupt so delete it and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again. If using Windows "Wireless Zero Configuration" to manage the wireless networking, right click the Wireless Network Connection in the Network Connections folder, select Properties and then the Wireless Networks tab - click here

If using third-party software supplied with the WiFi adapter, there should be a similar option where you can remove the existing 'profile'.

  Ashrich 00:54 05 Oct 2008

This wouldn't have happened after a Windows Update by any chance would it ?


  DanShuttleworth 15:25 05 Oct 2008

Success! I was just about getting to the stage of giving up and just thought I would unplug the PCI wireless card and reinstall it just to see if it made any difference, and then as if by magic it started working again! Thanks for the help though!

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