Huge variance in BB speed

  nick_j007 12:59 22 Nov 2011

Hi all. Have been struggling with my BB speeds for a couple of months now. BT engineers have been out twice, made a wiring change and checked my line to be told all is good. I'm running XP on a hard wired up to date (ish) Dell Dimension 9150. I'm plugged into the main socket about three meters away.

My ISP is Orange and they have been badgering BT to sort my speeds out for me. My speed had returned really well and I was receiving about 4 Megs which for my exchange is good.

A record of my speeds can be seen here:

For the last week it's been pretty strong, albeit fading again gradually to this morning whereby I could barely send an email.

Up until now I have been convinced everything my end is good and working fine and the problem is outside of the home. However for the second time in about 10 days I have done a factory reset to the new router a Belkin F7D4402 v1. (Latest firmware on it).

After I did a restart today my speeds shot back up to about 6 meg again! Why would this be? I saw similar improvements last week when I did a factory reset then.

So it seems that factory resets seem to resolve my speed. Might it be a channel issue? It's set to 'Auto' currently.

Thank you.


  onthelimit1 15:22 22 Nov 2011

It could be that, despite the BT visits, there is still a fault on the line. As I understand it, the kit in the exchange will gradually back off the speed over a period of days if it senses there are problems. If what I believe is true, resetting the router when speed has fallen will start the sequence all over again.

  onthelimit1 15:26 22 Nov 2011

P.S. if you Google ADSL Training Period, there is a huge amount of info, but basically comes down to what I suggested.

  nick_j007 16:08 22 Nov 2011

Thank you for that. Fits in with some info I was given by engineer. I would like for it to be a problem in the house as at least I can (attempt) to address it here and now!

If an exchange issue then I'm back to square one slogging it out with Orange and BT which has got me nowhere in 8 weeks!

  onthelimit1 16:51 22 Nov 2011

If you have extension wiring, remove the faceplate of the master socket, and plug the filter into the socket within the master. That will eliminate internal wiring,if the speed remains good, or prove there is a fault with that wiring if the speed still drops

  nick_j007 14:22 23 Nov 2011

Ok will try that thank you.

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