Huge file sizes when scanning

  Olive Etty 15:07 07 Dec 2007

I've just bought a cheap new Olivetti Simple Way multifunction and I can't find how to scan stuff so as to be able to send it as a small file by e-mail. Even a one page simeple black and white document is a lot of MB's. Anyone got any pointers as to where I'm going wrong? Thanks.

  xania 15:19 07 Dec 2007

There should be a screen opens on your PC while you are scanning - you can use this to reduce the definition of the scan (number of dots per inch) and also you can change the format to reduce the file size. Sometimes the actual physical size of the scan is far greater than needed so you can reduce the scale which will also reduce the file size.

  Diemmess 16:12 07 Dec 2007

There should be a software option just before you scan to set the resolution of the scanner.

Bear in mind most monitors amd therefore also emails, display only about 72 dots/inch so in theory anything over that is just a waste of effort

That is a minimum figure but I'll bet you are using a default setting of at least 300 or 600dpi.

  Olive Etty 14:37 12 Dec 2007

OK thanks for your replies. Sorry couldn't reply sooner. It's helped but still 650 KB for a simple one page document. The scanner I had before this one could convert the scan into PDF format and the same page I just mentioned would be around 20 KB.

  Diemmess 15:56 12 Dec 2007

I'm puzzled as to why you cannot set the scanner resolution to a low enough figure.

Or as xania said select only the piece you need instead of the default size which is usually A4

One halfway house saving could be to save the scanned file as JPG, NOT tif or tiff.

Are you sure there isn't some software that came with the scanner which perhaps you havn't installed yet, and which would give you more control.

  laurie53 10:55 14 Dec 2007

My MFD scans docs as pictures if the right selections aren't made.

It does this to retain formatting, and to stop the OCR programme trying to convert logos.

Make sure yours isn't doing the same.

  Graham. 13:42 14 Dec 2007

click here

If you save the scan as jpg, you can reduce the size. Just looking for the program...

  Graham. 13:48 14 Dec 2007

Go to click here and scroll down to ImageResizer.exe. This will put a right-click resizing tool on your system.

Experiment with the sizes by sending scans to yourself.

  Graham. 13:51 14 Dec 2007

Just realised - it says they're for XP, so try it and see.

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