HUGE file in Google Chrome... help please!

  Clarkey68 00:22 08 Jun 2012

Hi all and thanks for your help in advance.

Been running a few utility clean ups to try and wring the last life out of my ageing laptop by giving it a fighting chance with some free disc space and came across a 15GB sized folder which contains no less than 64381 files in a Google Chrome hidden file path at the following address:

C:\Users*User name*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\oldCache000

Now I have no idea what this data is, or why Google Chrome thinks it's ok to store all 15GB of it on my hard drive, but for a browser, that strikes me as an alarming amount of data to be storing. I think if I put every digital photo I've ever taken in my life into one folder it wouldn't amount to that much! The multiple clean up utilities didn't remove any of these files incidentally, even though I know they scanned the folder (can't miss it going by when it takes so long to scan!!!!)

Can anybody tell me what this is and how I might get rid of it please?? I'm reluctant to do what I'm tempted by and just hit delete in case I lose something of value in the process, but I can't believe this is normal. If it is, I'd love to know what's being stored and why - certainly not intending to give up 15GB of my hard drive for what is after all just a browser for me in any event, so one way or another it has to go. Just hope someone out there has a clue what it is, because Google clearly didn't want to touch my question on their forum!

Thanks John

  Clarkey68 00:37 08 Jun 2012

....actually decided my title is wrong. Should say huge folder, because the files within it actually aren't particularly large, just a hell of a lot of them. Hope that clarifies what now seems a stupid title! :-)

  octal 07:34 08 Jun 2012

Are you able to open any of the files? It might give a clue as to what they are, alternatively, when were they created? They look like they are files that might have been generated when Chrome was installed for some reason. oldCache000 suggests they are old files not wanted any more.

Try renaming the folder to something like oldCache000-old and see if anything is looking for them, if after a few weeks nothing happens then I would be inclined to delete them and reclaim the disk space.

  Batch 09:34 08 Jun 2012

Have you tried running Chrome's own clearout?

Open up Chrome, hit CTL+SHIFT+DEL, make it so that it obliterates from the beginning of time, check all the boxes and click Clear browsing data.

Other than that Octal's suggestion seems sound.

  Ian in Northampton 15:55 08 Jun 2012

Batch's solution doesn't work on either my XP machine or my W7 machine, but you can achieve the same thing by clicking the spanner top right, click on tools, then click on 'clear browsing data'. Be careful what you choose to delete (e.g. deleting cookies may hamper your access to favourite web sites). If that doesn't cure your problem, I'd venture to suggest that there would be no harm in deleting every file in the folder you mention (on the basis that, if the Chrome tool doesn't clear it out, then it's old and no longer needed).

  Ian in Northampton 16:52 08 Jun 2012

I guess a key question is: what are the dates on the files? If the most recent is not recent :-), that tends to suggest they're no longer useful.

  Batch 16:54 08 Jun 2012

CTL+SHIFT+DEL should work - it is documented by Google here

  Clarkey68 03:08 09 Jun 2012

Firstly thanks all for the thoughts. I'm sorry to say Batch that Ian is right in so much as when I run that Google clearout you mention, nothing is removed and after looking at the properties of the files, they were all created and or modified on 26th / 27th May for the most part, so seemingly as a result of some recent activity.

I haven't yet tried Octal's renaming idea, but given the recent dates, I'm guessing they're something that's in current use. I'll still give it a whirl though and see what complains when it's gone if no other suggestions are offered.

Has anyone else found a similar issue on their machine when they look at that destination??

  Batch 17:30 09 Jun 2012

I believe what Ian in Northampton was saying was that he couldn't access the clearout function using the keyboard shortcut CTL+SHIFT+DEL, but that he could access it via the Spanner (rather saying the clearout function didn't work).

Anyways, as you've (seemingly) run the clearout and it hasn't solved your problem we can cross that one off the list.

By way of contrast, my C:\Documents and Settings\Batch\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data path is about 33MB after I've cleared out, with the Default subfolder (and its subordinates) about 14MB.

  Ian in Northampton 14:54 10 Jun 2012

Batch: correct, that's what I meant - sorry for the confusion. Ctrl/alt/del just brought up Task Manager, when I executed it with a Chrome Window open. When you do it 'my' way, Chrome does indeed say that the keyboard short cut for that function is Ctrl/Alt/Del.

I'd follow Octal's suggestion and rename the folder to see what happens. If nothing has fallen over after a week of typical usage, it's fairly safe to assume you don't need it.

  Batch 13:42 11 Jun 2012

Ian - CTL+SHIFT+DEL, not CTL+ALT+DEL - methinks you're seeing what you want to see....

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