Huge dialog boxes and text

  daz246 12:47 02 May 2005

After having some problems with losing all my fonts, which is now sorted, I seem to get huge dialog boxes appear say if I'm installing some software. The boxes and text are so big that I can't move them around the screen to see all the text.

Any ideas as to how to reduce these?


  daz246 13:14 02 May 2005

This also includes when a program fails and you get the send error report to microsoft.

  Joe R 13:33 02 May 2005


try right clicking on an empty space on your desktop,
select appearance, and make sure your font size is normal, then click on advanced, and scroll down to icons, and change the size to 32,apply and exit.

  daz246 14:10 02 May 2005

Hi nope still doesn't make any difference. My desktop is fine but say I put in a disc to install when it asks if you want to install the box is as big as the screen and I can't view whats at the bottom. Even programs like Zone Alarm show large boxes where you have to accept, edit add etc. So can't view all.

  Joe R 14:12 02 May 2005


what size of monitor are you using, and what resolution and refresh rate.?

  daz246 14:16 02 May 2005

A Dell M991 19" screen, 1024 x 768 and 60Hz

  Joe R 14:21 02 May 2005


you could try turning your settings to 1280x1024, and the refresh rate to 85Hz.

If you feel the text is too small to read, right click on your desktop, select properties, appearance, and change the font size to large or extra large.

  daz246 14:29 02 May 2005

Joe, still makes no difference especially to things like Zome Alarm, the font when I open it up must be 36 or more, also in Mircosoft Photo Editor the box that enables you to resize the picture is large with the font again being the problem. How can I decrease these font sizes in different programs?

  daz246 15:33 02 May 2005

Even when I go to delete from my recycle bin the part where it asks to purge all or yours is again huge. Where can I change this?

  Joe R 12:36 03 May 2005

Sorry for taking so long to get back, the following is what M/s suggest for your problem.

To increase or decrease the size of objects and text on your screen
Open Display in Control Panel.
On the Settings tab, click Advanced.
On the General tab, in the DPI setting list, click the dots per inch (dpi) setting you want to use.
If you choose Other in the DPI setting list, you can set custom options in the Custom DPI Setting dialog box either by selecting one of the percentage options in the drop-down list or by clicking on the ruler and dragging the pointer to specify a setting.
Restart your computer when prompted.

To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Display.
If you want to increase the size of text on your screen to make it more readable, use Font size on the Appearance tab in Display Properties.
The dpi size you specify on the General tab affects all monitors attached to your computer and all users that log on to the computer.

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