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Hudl and 3G

  woodchip 19:44 25 Nov 2013

Would it be possible to get 3g to run on the above? tried a Micro USB to USB and fitted T-Mobile Web and Walk Dongle, but it never made a muff about seeing it, or installing it. How would one go about loading it to run

  HenryF75 08:27 26 Nov 2013

Know nothing about the Hudl, but I have an android tablet which according to the blurb had no 3G connectivity. One day I plugged in a Huawei dongle, just as you did, and after a few minutes it connected. I think android has built in connectivity for a limited range of dongles. How long did you give it to connect? Perhaps a bit more investigation about suitable dongles is required. Someone else on the forum should be able to help.

  spuds 10:03 26 Nov 2013

Not the answer to the question, but I notice that a few Hudl's are being made available on eBay and elsewhere, so perhaps some people are having thoughts already on this device, or lack of technical information support?.

For some reason, my three local Tesco superstores seem to have a supply problem, and not being able to get stock of the device itself, but the add-on accessories seem plentiful?.

  woodchip 12:41 26 Nov 2013

Its difficult to buy one as everybody wants one, I had a problem getting one for my Daughter, Tesco Store had to order it so it would come to nearest Tesco from online store. will try the dongle again

  woodchip 20:00 26 Nov 2013

That TP link looks like what I need, Thanks for the Help

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