Hubs and switches

  Ado 20:53 09 Jan 2003
  Ado 20:53 09 Jan 2003

Hi all,

While running a small domain of win98 PC's and NT server I realised the small intel 8 port hub was only a 10Mb. Having purchased a 3com 16 port switch and installed all the LED's on the switch (and each network card) indicated the LAN was now running at 100Mbs. However, following some complaints of slow server access I timed how long it took to transfer a 100mb file from the server to a client. With the switch it took about 5 mins when I installed the old intel 10Mb hub it only took 2mins!!! Confused by this, and having an alternative Genius 100mb switch switch at hand I decided to try this also....6mins to transfer?

My questions is why would a 10mB hub perform better than two 100mb switches when tested? is there something about switches I have overlooked?

any help is much appreciated.


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