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Huawei MediaPad x2 problems with transferring pics

  rickf 12:57 16 May 2019

I have the above phone and had been using Huawei's Hisuite to communicate between my phone and PC. I have uninstalled HISuite from phone and PC as it's full of junk. Problem is I now can't transfer photos on phone to PC using Windows file explorer. Just show blank thumbnails. The phone come up as GEM something on PC. Any help appreciated.

  LV426 09:32 17 May 2019

I would reinstall the suite and see if they all come back, in future see if you can save all photos to a 'new folder', which you should be able to see in windows.

When you use 'phone software', files can sometimes be saved with non standard extensions, instead of .jpg for instance.

  LV426 09:34 17 May 2019

I see also you have sd card support, try using that card for all storage in future.

  rickf 14:29 17 May 2019

Cheers. Once HiSuite is reinstalled everything works. Just don't like all the junk.

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