http://www.sherv etc BEWARE

  johnnyrocker 13:55 20 Aug 2005

this happened when using a link as above for free msn icons etc so be careful folks

not sure how you folks got it without any probs because i thought i would give it a spin i tried the free msn icons first and my microsoft anti spyware went crazy identifying this an that took it several goes to remove (critical) spyware, after that was sorted i tried getting the stealer which came with two virus and a host more spyware after which my internet connection was taken out, with all removed via add/remove and reboot microsoft scan kicked in and found a further 180 items and i still kept getting page cannot be displayed had to system restore to get up and running again, i suggest you check very carefully folks.


  mattyc_92 15:48 20 Aug 2005

johnnyrocker, I have just done a virus, spyware, adware, etc... scans and have found, in total, 15 entries and I haven't even installed/downloaded anything from that website....

I have sent an e-mail to FE asking him to remove the link I posted for security reasons. I don't understand what happened to that site, as I downloaded that tool I recommended to ACOLYTE and I didn't have a problem

Sorry about that.....

  johnnyrocker 15:51 20 Aug 2005

no probs and no blame attached as i suspected the problems were not there when you acquired the prog in the first place.


  octal 15:55 20 Aug 2005

What's the end bit? .com I don't run Windows so I was going to have a look at the code of the site.

  johnnyrocker 15:57 20 Aug 2005

i believe it is .net but i left it off so it did not appear as click here and others experience similar probs but have fun.


  octal 15:59 20 Aug 2005

Yes I understand why you did it, that's considerate. I'll have a look.

  octal 19:46 20 Aug 2005

I had a look at the code, I can't see anything that would cause the problems you were getting. There are a couple of scripts, but I think they are harmless, certainly no worst than this site anyway. I have saved a copy of the HTML code in text, if anyone wants to have a look I'll upload it to my web site if no one wants to go to the site in case.

I also checked some of the downloads and then seem pretty inert as well.

  johnnyrocker 19:53 20 Aug 2005

then i am at a loss as to what happened because my machine was definately in trouble and only finally resolved by a restore, (could it have been hacked at the time?) although matty found an amount off stuff after a visit to it.


  VoG II 20:01 20 Aug 2005

The download is full of spyware - Beware!!!

  johnnyrocker 20:02 20 Aug 2005

thought i was right.


  octal 20:09 20 Aug 2005

'tis odd. This is a copy of the HTML text of the site click here , maybe someone else can have a look and see if they can see anything. What I was looking for was some sort of redirection to an external site in some of the images, but I could see any. The trouble is there could be a problem in the links, but its a big site so as you can imagine it would take some considerable time to check each link, this is a text copy of the home page click here . The other thought is their site might have an intruder, its happened before.

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