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  User-738EDBEA-B57C-404D-AB99CB8402611268 03:10 14 Jun 2006

I suddenly cannot access https sections of websites - any suggestions ?

  harristweed 08:43 14 Jun 2006

Thanks for the link to firefox - have installed it but it has made no difference - still cannot connect to 'secure sites' for some reason.

Mozilla says to check firewall settings - I connect through a netgear DG834G router but how does one check the settings ?? I had no problems until this monday - had dl a few new progs, now uninstalled. Have done a 'windows restore' to a date prior to the dls - all to no avail !!!!!!!

Any more assistance would be appreciated.

  octal 23:07 14 Jun 2006

If you have a firewall operating on the computer try disabling temporarily and see if you can access https sites in case the firewall is blocking port 443 which https uses.

  terryf 00:51 15 Jun 2006

I have a dg834 router that has its own firewall and I havedisabled the winxp firewall, no probs

I have tried temporary disabling - but no difference ...

  octal 07:43 15 Jun 2006

I found this on the Microsoft Knowledge base click here

Thanks octal - problem solved !!!!!!!!!!

The problem was solved by the following instruction from the Microsoft website you pointed to :

'Under Security, select the Use SSL2.0 check box and the Use SSL3.0 check box (if they are not already selected).'

The SSL3.0 check box was not selected - selected and problem solved .....

This was the same for the Firefox browser by the way !!!!!

Thanks once again to everybody who took an interest in my problem and led once again to a satisfactory conclusion.

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