eon30 22:22 08 Oct 2007

Everytime I open my Internet Explorer it opens this this website even though it is not set as my homepage. The site is a ad for pc virus pretection, spymatre etc. I tryed to kill it with spybot SD but it is still doing it. Can someone please help.
Thank You

  skidzy 22:32 08 Oct 2007

You are more than likely to be infected with the trojan zlob.

Update and run your antivirus immediately.

  skidzy 22:33 08 Oct 2007

I assume you have a proven safe antivirus installed !

  skidzy 22:34 08 Oct 2007

click here and use the removal tool.

  eon30 22:49 08 Oct 2007

I have nortons and I just updated it and did a quickscan and it still does it so I am doing a full system scan now. Will this catch it?

  Graham. 22:53 08 Oct 2007

McAfee site advisor threw a wobbler on your link.

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