http or frame redirect

  jonnyg111 19:40 03 Aug 2008

When I am directing my domain name towards its required home page, I am offered a choice between frame redirect and http redirect. What are the pros and cons of each please?


  Kemistri 19:53 03 Aug 2008

This was asked recently.

click here

  jonnyg111 10:33 04 Aug 2008

Thank you for your replies, Kemistri and fourm. I must say I feel for 'spot the braincell' (although choosing a name like that is asking for trouble.) I agree with him that the link you recommend, Kemistri, is possibly too technical for the average user. In addition, he has stated his problem clearly and simply - that if he follows your 'best practice' he is left with a nasty and cumbersome address on display. He has not been offered any help with this problem that I can see.

Do you agree with the following?

Http redirect pros; improves your ratings
allows deep linking
allows individual pages to be refreshed

Frame redirect pros; simple address on display
can enter site details simply at domain registration point

Maybe there are others you can think of.

Thanks again


  Kemistri 12:29 04 Aug 2008

" possibly too technical for the average user."

That depends on what you call the average user. This forum is about website development, so expect a bit of tech. This forum seems to be one of the most populated with comments from people who decide to embark on a development project but then moan as soon as they have to understand something a bit complex.

"He has not been offered any help with this problem that I can see."

Yes, he clearly was. What he does with that advice is up to him.

  jonnyg111 17:54 04 Aug 2008

Okay, Kemistri, apologies if I misread your post. But you presumably reply to things on this forum as a teacher, in that you'ld like to enable people to do things they can't currently do. The first rule of teaching, it seems to me, is to start from where people are, and not from where you would like them to be.

I'll go to the Beginners forum and post this again there.

With thanks and best wishes,


  Forum Editor 18:06 04 Aug 2008

because this is the right place for it. It might be best not to worry too much about what other forum members have been offered in terms of help, and concentrate on your own problem. Never mind about the first rule of teaching, we're here to try to help you, and if you go about it in the right way you'll get plenty of friendly advice.

  Kemistri 20:30 04 Aug 2008

" presumably reply to things on this forum as a teacher..."

No. I respond to some threads if I think it might make one person's website more effective/usable/secure, which consequently makes a small but worthwhile contribution to the improvement of the internet as a whole. Which, by the way, needs quite a lot of improvement.

  jonnyg111 18:36 05 Aug 2008

Okay, let me try again. I clicked on the link you suggested, and followed some of it, but if you follow the links within the links there is a lot of material there, some extremely technical.

Where am I coming from? I aspire to creating websites that are simple yet attractive. (I agree with you Kemistri that that a lot of the Internet needs a lot of improvement.) I find that by writing in HTML without many frills I can create sites (often maths teaching resources sites) that are useful to people and which I can edit myself easily. I am not really interested in the bells and whistles of web design. (If you want to see one of my sites, try click here) I don't want to do much more than this - the powerful thing for me about a website is that it is a way to communicate with lots of people, most perhaps complete strangers, extremely cheaply.

This frame/http redirect issue does strike me as important however, and I would like to understand more, but could this be at my level please? Friendly advice is what I am seeking, but I didn't find the link you suggested friendly. A quick post of 100 words could tell me the basics, I feel sure.


  Forum Editor 19:08 06 Aug 2008

what it is that you want to do - specifically?

If you tell me that, I'll probably be able to give you your 100 word post. Otherwise, an explanation is going to take a lot more than 100 words. Many people talk about redirects when in fact they mean forwarding, so it will help to know what the context is.

  jonnyg111 10:36 11 Aug 2008

Apologies for my slow reply, but I have been away for a few days.

I have bought a domain name with 1 and 1. I am invited to put in the 'forwarding destination' (no problem.) Then under 'Forwarding Type' I am offered a choice of two things:

Frame redirect
Http redirect

I am asking for help with making this choice; what should I bear in mind?

I remain grateful for the assistance offered on this forum.


  Forum Editor 13:06 11 Aug 2008

With frame forwarding your visitors will think that they are still on one site, when in fact they are on another. They'll see the url of the first site in their browser's address bar, but they'll actually be navigating within a completely different site on a different domain name. This method is often referred to as 'cloaking', and can be used used to display a more memorable url to a visitor. This is the method commonly used to hide a phishing website.

If you opt for HTTP forwarding your domain name will not be properly indexed and listed by the big search engines. For those pages other than your index page your forwarding address will be listed instead. So, you might find that your website is properly indexed and your domain name is not indexed at all.

If you use this method with sub domains you might find it difficult to seeyour site for a while, because sub-domains can take a while to propagate on the internet.

In addition, visitors will not the full url displayed in the address bar of their browser.

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