HTTP Not Working

  We5ty 14:21 29 Oct 2008

I have a really wierd problem on a PC runnig XP Home SP3.

Basically, all the networking seems fine I can ping the router and WAN addresses, but both IE7 & AOL will not display web pages, both give 'Cannot display the web page'. But the ouber wierd part is that it functions fine in Safe Mode With Networking.

I have scanned for malware - all clean, Hijackthis log is clean. Reset IE (several times), cleared all temp files, reset: TCP/IP, Winsock and Windows Firewall. Flushed the DNS cache. All is as it should be, but still no web pages!

Could anyone offer some advice, kinda pulling my hair out.


PS. Would really like to avoid re-installing Windows

  Rahere 15:02 29 Oct 2008

Have you tried pinging to see if the connection is live?

  Rahere 15:03 29 Oct 2008

ping for example

  T I M B O 15:03 29 Oct 2008

To be honest with you here, i am not totally sure how to fix this, but what i did think of was to have a look in the "msconfig" start up and see if there are any 3rd party programmes booting up blocking web sites.....

Best of luck.....

  Rahere 15:05 29 Oct 2008

If you can't ping external sites could it be another firewall - what do you use for security?

  T I M B O 15:07 29 Oct 2008

How long ago did this start happening, maybe a system restore if it's not too far back ;-))

  We5ty 15:26 29 Oct 2008

OK peeps, many thanks for the replies. but it is sorted.

Turned out to be a problem with AVG Free 8. As soon as I uninstalled it i could view web pages.

Hence could view web pages in Safe Mode (AVG not running) but not in normal mode!

Had to be something that was running in normal, but not in Safe Mode.

Many thanks to all.

  T I M B O 15:30 29 Oct 2008

So like i said ,,, it's a 3rd party programme,,, glad ur sorted .... ;-))

  We5ty 15:35 29 Oct 2008

Absolutely TIMBO, stupid thing is I had disabled everything else but not AVG, in case the problem was malware related!


  T I M B O 15:42 29 Oct 2008

Malwarebytes is a good programme or even A-Squared, i use both. Don't use the online a-squared do as that normally locks up, get the download from

Best of luck......

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