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  morganmight 00:01 26 Jul 2003

Help,every time i try to call a page up on the NTL World home page i get the error message 'The page cannot be found'.What is HTTP 404 File not found. Internet explorer. Any help

  Stuartli 00:09 26 Jul 2003

The comment is usually accompanied by the message that: "The resource you are looking for may have been removed, had its name changed or is temporarily unavailable."

The server may be down, work being carried out or just a temporary blip.

Usually refreshing or trying again later will bring the page up.

It's something that happens on a regular basis on a vast number of sites.

  User-312386 00:09 26 Jul 2003

it ususally means that the page is not there

  Pusherman 00:12 26 Jul 2003

I've just been to the ntlworld site and had a 'click around' and everything seems to be okay.

  woodchip 00:12 26 Jul 2003

See if this works for you click here

  Stuartli 00:16 26 Jul 2003

If you continue to have problems downloading the NTL page, try Proxomitron - it's available in the downloads section.

I had the same problem with the PCA pages a while back and Proxomitron cured it instantly, plus stopping popups and ads, which it is geared to do.

But, if you install it, make sure you follow the instructions implicitly...:-)

  morganmight 16:21 01 Aug 2003

Thanks for your replies i am on holiday at the moment,so i will try your suggestions when i return.

  morganmight 08:54 12 Aug 2003

Hi everyone,i have returned from my holidays and will try some of your suggestions.
Just to refresh,when i call up NTLworld homepage,the NTLworld homepage appears but is approx 4 weeks out of date.
Also my PCADVISOR threads are not updating on my PC at home where my problem is,concequently,i am posting from my PC at work.
I,ll have a look at this Proxomitron and see if this will help.
Thanks for any more ideas.

  Jester2K II 09:01 12 Aug 2003

Tools menu, Internet Options, Settings (in the middle right of the page) Check its set to Check For Newer Versions Of Stored Pages - Every Visit.

Basically it showing you old pages stored on the your PC.

To force it to load new pages hit F5 once the page has loaded to reload a fresh one.

Changing the above setting will help by automatically doing this every time you go to a page.

  morganmight 09:11 12 Aug 2003

Thanks Jester2K II for your quick responce,obviosly i will try this when i get home later this afternoon.
Thanks again.

  morganmight 17:40 12 Aug 2003

Thanks again Jester2k II,your suggestion worked,I've also got my postings working again in this forum,don't know how i changed the setting though.
Thanks a million.

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