htp.doc - how do you .....

  yattonharry 14:31 17 Jul 2005

Hi there, Hope someone can help please?

My friend has a website where you upload to a folder named htp.doc
She also has a domain name for the site.

How can we upload to another new folder called 'trial' or 'test'? Where do you place the folder, assuning one can 'make a new folder' which I found I couldn't.

Hope this is clear - many thanks,

  yattonharry 15:31 17 Jul 2005

Hello there,
Made an error there the folder is of course 'htdocs'

  Forum Editor 17:39 17 Jul 2005

on the server you'll need to have the necessary permissions. You can only alter directory permissions via an FTP program - is that how you're trying to do it?

  yattonharry 21:01 17 Jul 2005

Hi, Yes, using Frontpage and Publish to open up the server, one can usually [I say with little experience! ;-)) ] create a new folder. There is absolutely now way that I can see that you can do this with this particular ISP

So how do I alter permissions as I do ot know what these are.

  Forum Editor 00:20 18 Jul 2005

Is it FP 2003?

If it is, open the local site copy and create your folder. Save the changes. Then open the remote site in FrontPage and do a local to remote publish. You'll see your new folder pop into view on the remote site.

Now you can put whatever you like in the new folder (using the local copy) and publish to the server. Put the folder in the root of the web - just right click on the root folder in your local view and select 'new' and then 'folder'.

  yattonharry 07:42 18 Jul 2005

No, It is FP2002 but I expect that the method you mention must be the same. I don't understand the phrase 'put the folder in the root of the web' I expect this means towards the 'top'??

There is already a website within that htdocs folder, so adding a folder to those files will not interfere in any way with the 1st website will it?

Sorry to seem a bit dense.

  yattonharry 09:03 18 Jul 2005

Ah, thanks I've now done this and I understand what you mean by root of the web.

I now have a folder within the htdoc folder and have upload a trial page to this. All works well.

Soooooo......can you tell me, if you have a domain name, which refers to a history society and this is a entirely different website do you have to have a URL that shows the address of the history society plus the 'new folder name'['trial' at present]? You cannot gain web access any other way can you?

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