HTML Timer wait, or another way?

  Silenced 18:12 12 Jul 2008

Well, I am planning to make a website, and in which I must make a way for these boxes to drop down off another box, either in a animated .gif (The easier for me to make) or as a flash file, which I do not know flash.

So, is there a way for the animated gif to change to another image after a certain time? Or would it be easier to make it play through once, stop, then on mouseover it changes to another image, but then it would make it harder for me since I want to place a mouseover on the 'other image' I want.

Would it just be easier to make the nav bar with flash?

Are you trying to make a drop-down menu system? If you are it would be best to either use a CSS one or javascript (as long as it works with javascript off). Too much movement is annoying for a serious website.

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