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  Micklemass 19:57 03 Oct 2004

Wondered if an index.shtml is seen as the same as index.html. Reason is I have a website hosted at click here which supply a counter (I know some of you hate them but they would like to see one on their site. Full stats are provided as well) which can only go on shtml files. At the moment have a test page click here

So could I just rename my index page?

  hkvic 22:13 03 Oct 2004

You can just rename your index from htm, html or whatever to index.shtml with no problem. It will act in exactly the same way.

  Micklemass 08:43 04 Oct 2004

Thanks for that

  Taran 08:51 04 Oct 2004

Many web hosts specify a file name index.htm or index.html as your homepage and unless your host supports shtml (yours clearly does) your page will fail to display.

You use the shtml extension when using Server Side Includes - this is a process that allows common page elements to be saved in a separate file and included for display in other files.

Common implementation of Server Side Includes is often where a common header, footer or navigation area is included in all other pages with a small line of code. This allows sitewide changes to the common elements by editing just one file rather than all files in your web. Change the footer once and all pages that includde it also change.

Page counters - yuck. Sorry. I'd be far keener to persuade the client to accept monthly site statistics rather than including them on a homepage, but there you are.

The excellent Big Nose Bird site has a good introduction to SSI click here

  Micklemass 19:49 06 Oct 2004

On a previous posting I know your dislike of counters and tried to shy away from one. Perhaps I will delete it after a few weeks and see if they notice then confuse them with the monthly stats. Have used click here as a host which seemed ideal for a small site and includes quite a few things for £20 a year.

Thanks also for the link - something to pass away the dark winter evenings.

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