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  new_guy 22:03 25 Jul 2003

hi there not sure how to put this but here goes im makeing a web page and i want to make it so there is diffrent sections for diffrent things like a table so say this page is like this withpostings in the middle and other stuff round the out sides how could i do this all so i want to get visters infonation wen they isit my page stuff like wot windows they use and there version of internet explora and so on hope i expliaed that ok thanks in advance aaron 23:39 25 Jul 2003

are you thinking of using to edit your HTML? Or are you going for the raw code?

  new_guy 23:52 25 Jul 2003

im useing just word pad thanks hope you can help

  Forum Editor 07:13 26 Jul 2003

you've set yourself a bit of a task if this is your first venture into web-design, and I personally feel that you would be better off trying one of the WYSIWYG design applications like NetObjects Fusion, FrontPage, or Dreamweaver.

Using one of these programs will speed things up considerably and you can always pick up HTML as you go along by looking at the code that's produced and experimenting. That would smooth the learning curve for you, and you might be less likely to become discouraged. 13:02 26 Jul 2003

but FE has summed it up for me. Good luck, Whiz...

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