Pamy 17:14 13 Mar 2006

Hello everyone,
I have a document of many pages in HTML format that I would like to print. I would like to print all the odd numbered pages first then turn them over and print the even numbered pages. This does not appear possible. I can change the format by "printing" to PDF(not actually printing you understand), but this only changes the HIGHLIGHTED page and I cannot HIGHLIGHT all the pages. If I could change all the pages to PDF I am sure that I could then print them out as I want to.
Your help would be much appreciated.


  Marsh Warden © ™ 17:45 13 Mar 2006

Would this help click here

  Pamy 18:50 13 Mar 2006

Thanks for link, have downloaded files and will try prog. Will post back with results latter.


  Pamy 19:09 13 Mar 2006

this program is no different to Adobe in that I still cannot print odd pages then even ones. Thanks for trying to help.


Try Foxit PDF reader from click here this apears to give you the option to print odd pages and even pages seperatly when you go to print a doc. Its only a small download and its a lot quicker in operation than Adobe

  Pamy 21:16 13 Mar 2006

Thanks for link will download and try it tomorrow evening and post result


  Pamy 16:28 14 Mar 2006

Hello mick4555, thanks again for the link to Foxit PDF. The main problem appears to be that I cannot change all document pages (120 of them), at one go to PDF no matter which PDF prog I use. I can veiw every page in HTML one at a time but, I cannot print them out all in one go as odds and then evens. I have also tried to copy the whole file into word without success.
So, if no one can suggest an easy way for me to print out the pages as odds and evens in one go, then I will have to just sit and print them one at a time, Grrr.

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