HTML - Navigation Bars?

  Modumus Prime 13:25 27 Oct 2003

I'm currently building a web site using HTML and i'm wanting to add a navigation bar down the left hand side of the page but im not sure how to go about it - has anyone any ideas or suggestions???


  Taran 15:13 27 Oct 2003

This may be far too simple a solution for you: you don't say whether you want drop down menus or other bells and whistles, but try it for an easy solution.

The code is dead easy to follow and I've included some brief instructions on what to alter and how to alter it to reflect your own pages.

click here

  A_World_Maker 22:58 29 Oct 2003

I am currently creating a website for a client, and have placed a draft copy on the website, have a peek and see if this interests you... all done in html btw click here

  Taran 23:59 29 Oct 2003

That's a nice looking site.

It is not however, 'all done in html' by a long way.

You'll find that over two thirds of the page (234 lines of code out of the 339 lines that make up the page) are a very complex JavaScript generated by Dreamweaver and containing a series of timelines and a great many if, else statements.

The HTML bit accounts for less than a third of the page code.

I'm mentioning this since it is proprietary code. This means that it is not something you could readily reproduce in another application without an entirely manual rewrite, although if Modumus Prime has Dreamweaver it is certainly a possibility to generate the menu he or she is asking about.



  A_World_Maker 16:17 30 Oct 2003

Agreed Taran,

There are a raft of 'menu' programes available that are so easy to use, that generate any coding transparently and insert it into the html page for you. It was that point that I was trying to make.
I wouldn't deter someone from using them on the basis of the code they generate.
Thank you for your comment of the draft webpage. Early days yet.

Modumus Prime,
You might want to try running a search on say Google using "internet menu software" or pay a visit to

regards Andrew

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