html help needed for website

  vienna1981 16:08 26 Sep 2003

Hi, I would like to place an object centre, bottom of my index page. At the moment i am using the html code CENTRE> /CENTRE> but this is resulting in the object being placed at the top of the page in the centre, unforunately my site's host places an advert in this spot covering up the object which is in fact the link to the main page. Can someone help me? Also I can only build simple websites using basic html code with notepad and am amazed at some websites and often wonder how they were built are there any easy-to-use programs that can help me build a fantastic looking website? Thanks in advance for all help.

  Chegs ® 16:35 26 Sep 2003
  LeadingMNMs 17:02 26 Sep 2003

I use Frontpage from Microsoft. I thinks its quite expensive to buy though. It lets you create frame pages and you can create the page and it writes the code. Is supposed to make the HTML larger than needed though, but if you have knowledge of the language, which I don't, then it should be easy to remove.

  vienna1981 18:06 26 Sep 2003

thanks for the link Chegs but I couldn't find what I was looking for, perhaps its there but i've tried a few tags from that page and they haven't worked, anyone else have any ideas?

  vienna1981 19:13 26 Sep 2003

ok i installed lotus fast site from the lotus disk i've had for ages but cant get it to work the way i want it to, so i still need either a good program or the code to centre the object at the bottom of the page!

  Lionheart? 20:00 26 Sep 2003

Try PCA Web Design forum page someone there will be able help out.

  peeby 21:13 26 Sep 2003

Center might be a horizontal allignment, and also a web page does'nt have a bottom. The bootom is where you put the last thing. So you'll have to put stuff in ahead of it, lots of <P> OR <BR> will do . If you really want to try a table with two rows and full width, gee now I foget the rest. try or .com --one word I think in google
Do'nt reall know alot myself,but I think even locating something down the page in "frontpage" you have to ,enter,enter,to sort of show it down and the space bar to show it out to the center.
at least I do. Brute force always does it.

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