HTML Header Tags - Origin Unknown

  Pesala 11:14 07 Apr 2003

Alien lines of code have started appearing inside the headers on my website.

I traced the source to layout scripts in NetObjects Fusion, but I have no idea how the scripts got there. I never use layout scripts as I don't know how to, not even in my dreams.

Can anyone tell me what this HTML code would do inside my page header?

LINK HREF="mailto:[email protected]" REV="made">

This was another one? What is the point of this? How could it get in there? Does anyone recognise it from somewhere else? I include the entire Header:



!-- Serif PagePlus HTML ExportSupports HTML 3.2 -->

META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Bhikkhu Pesala">

META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="NetObjects Fusion 2.0.2 for Windows">

BASE TARGET="_parent">


  Pesala 22:46 07 Apr 2003

This one obviously slipped through the net.

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