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  Bramblerose 10:50 14 Dec 2004

I am looking to put together an email newsletter and would like to send it out as html not as an attachment but embedded into the email. (not sure if that is the right explanation!)

I am creating the newsletter in either Psint Shop Pro or in Photoshop and am quite happy with how I want to design it.

What I don't know is what I do from there!! How do I create the email? I am sure its fairly easy but am having a numpty no brain day today.

Thanks in advance

  slysy 23:19 17 Dec 2004

We use a simple html page for our emails, contains a small table, 1 image and the text.
We have used MS Outlook 98 to 2003 the same way.

Even with our spam filters, we can still send and recieve them and have not had any negative comments from our clients.

I think that you would start to get problems if you send out loads of mail at one time.
Have had a few problemd with McAfee anitspam detecting the image being sent if more than 4 mails are sent within about a 5 minute interval.

As for creating it, I use dreamweaver, but any HTML or text editor will do and use Outlook 2003.
So I can only explain for MS.

you need to save the HTML and image to the following:

\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery

Then open Outlook and go Tools, Options, Mail Format (TAB), Click on Stationery Picker, then select the file you want.
Click OK etc when required.
You will then be able to open a new mail with the template you made.

Hope this help, or let us know.


  Forum Editor 07:58 18 Dec 2004

They keep your customers/members up to date with what's going on, and can act as a means of getting news about new products or services across in a friendly way to those people who will probably be interested. The European laws about spam apply of course, so don't send newsletters to people unless you have first given them the chance to opt in to your mailing list.

Many peoples' email clients will prevent any images being displayed unless they (the recipients) choose to enable images in specific mails, so remember that. In addition, html emails can look uninviting in the display pane of Outlook when all image content is disabled. A plain text mail with a hyperlink to a web-based newsletter is an excellent idea, and many companies are choosing that method now.

  Bramblerose 23:27 19 Dec 2004

Thanks for the replies. I am aware of spam (I get enough of it!!) and would obviously stick within the law.

I did had a play about after I had posted the original question and did manage to get a newsletter tested and sent out but the way I did it was a long and convoluted way... the way I wanted to do it is how slysy has explained!

The only other question is would this also work sending it out using Eudora?

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