Html code to produce an on page info box.

  Macrofile 13:26 16 Jul 2003

Can anyone give me the html code to produce a seperate information window to open from a hotspot but that will open on a page without replacing the page?

Can the same thing be done via a rollover?

  Foolsbane_1 17:07 16 Jul 2003

Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? click here

  Macrofile 01:30 17 Jul 2003

Thanks Foolsbane_1,
Yes! That's it. I think that will do the job for me. I just need some time to play about with it.The internet brothers site will be very handy also.

Do you have any idea as to the opening of an I.E., info box where the user clicks [more info] and gets a superimposed box?

Thanks again,

  Foolsbane_1 07:08 17 Jul 2003

Don't push it! I struck lucky with the first thing! ;o)

  Macrofile 22:29 17 Jul 2003

Hi Foolsbane_1,
Alright already! But I'll leave the thread open in case someone else picks it up. I see that your message logged at 07.08...Do you sleep with your PC?
Haven't tried the code yet but great expectations.

  jnevill 09:26 18 Jul 2003

Have a look at click here and click on the link for Magistrates Court Open Days - do you mean a box opening like this???


  Macrofile 13:30 18 Jul 2003

Yes John. That is exactly what I mean.


  Falkyrn 18:13 18 Jul 2003

Something very similar is available from click here

  jnevill 19:49 18 Jul 2003

.... Firstly, create a webpage containing the information you want to appear in the pop up window and name it. In the code below the page is called click here. Then insert the code below into your normal webpage. Where it says 'click here' replace it with any text you want or alternatively an image. It's fairly basic but I find it works.


<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

function loadwindow()
{'click here','jav','width=500,height=400,resizable=yes,left=50,top=100,screenX=50,screenY=100,scrollbars=yes');

<A HREF="javascript:loadwindow()">CLICK HERE TO OPEN OPEN THE POP UP BOX</a>

  jnevill 19:54 18 Jul 2003

Sod it, the forum has automatically converted the web address to a 'click here' link. The 'click here' links should read click here it is only an example address not a real one, just to show you how it works.

Hope it doesn't convert this one.


  jnevill 19:55 18 Jul 2003

Bloody thing still converted it!!! Ahhh!

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