HTML code help needed

  Pesala 22:32 23 Feb 2003

My Links don't work.

I am trying to open MP3 files in the root directory of a CD. Apart from index.html, and its associated frames, all other html code is in a subdirectory called \html
The following code is supposed to open the file named: A_Amaro - Birth, Death & the Deathless.mp3 which is stored in the root directory, but it generates a "could not open file" error.

A HREF="\A_Amaro - Birth, Death & the Deathless.mp3">

The address given in the address bar is as follows:

file://localhost/A_Amaro - Birth, Death & the Deathless.mp3

I am a novice in HTML as NetObjectsFusion hides all of the code from the user. What would be correct A HREF> code to open a file on the CD in any drive?

  caast ©™ 22:48 23 Feb 2003

Have you tried removing the forward slash? cannot see where / points you to. don't think its needed
have a go and come back.

  Pesala 23:18 23 Feb 2003

I didn't do anything, but when I rebooted the CD autostarted and the links are now working fine. Must have loaded the copy from my hard disk or something.

  Taran 23:19 23 Feb 2003

Can you just confirm one point for me ?

Are you trying to access a file from an existing pre-prepared CD ROM, or are you trying to assemble a CD where HTML web pages make up its content and a link points to a file you would like people to be able to play ?

And incidentally, your A HREF= link has no opening tag. It should have < before the letter A, otherwise it doesn't act as a link at all, and the back slash in your code, like this: A HREF="\ is not necessary if the file is just in the root folder and not in a sub-directory. The backslash will achieve nothing but confusion unless it is used to point to a folder within your root directory.

Say you had a sub-folder called music, your link would then be as follows:
<a href=

"music/filename.mp3">Link Text Goes Here


I've had to use hard returns to get the code to display properly, but you can see how the link is made if it has to point to an MP3 track called filename.mp3 that is in a folder called music in your site root directory.

I hope this helps, but if you are still stuck post again.



  Taran 23:20 23 Feb 2003


Too slow...

  Pesala 23:46 23 Feb 2003

Thanks Taran, for your speedy efforts. I accidentally missed the opening < from my cut and paste attempts. The MP3 file is in the root directory, but the html code that links to is in D:\html.

I am trying to create a CD using a few html pages to link to the MP3 files with a little explantion about them. You can have a look at the interface if your not too speedy after I paste it onto my website.

click here\talks\index.html

  Pesala 11:00 24 Feb 2003


As per your suggestion, I removed the backslash, but the links no longer worked.

This may be because the html code (except for the home page) is in a directory \html\ and the MP3 files are in the root directory.

I have now moved the MP3 files to a directory \talks\ and modified the HREF to \talks\filename.mp3 which now seems to work OK.

  Taran 01:29 25 Feb 2003

Interesting page.

Let me know when and what to look at.

If you want your finished CD to autorun when inserted into a computers CD ROM, you'll need a couple of extra files.

I can send you some samples that will work. It's just a combined launcher with a textfile containing the instructions for it to send a specific file (normally index.htm) to your default browser.

Email me if you need the files.



  Djohn 01:38 25 Feb 2003

Pesala, Wow! what a change. The background now is much better,like the colour and texture.

Photos really stand out now and the text is easy to read, well done.

  Qmar 01:57 09 Oct 2003

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