Html code for a creating a form in an email

  FUNKAM11 08:19 14 Feb 2005

I need my website viewers to be able to open an email link and then fill in a form on that email. I can do the open an email bit but its them filling in a form on the body of the email Im having BIG problems with.Please help Thanks Funkam

  Talented Monkey 10:16 14 Feb 2005

Simply create a normal HTML form. use the Mailto option int he <form> tag like so

<form action="mailto:youremail" method="POST" enctype="text/plain">

  FUNKAM11 18:13 14 Feb 2005

Yes I do want to be able to open an email and a form be there. Can I do this?

  FUNKAM11 18:13 14 Feb 2005

Yes I do want to be able to open an email and a form be there. Can I do this?

  Taran 20:45 14 Feb 2005

You can preset the Subject and some of the body text in a standard email link that is designed to launch the web visitors email program (Outlook Express, Outlook and similar).

Mailto link with subject pre-entered:


a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Email Subject Text Goes In Here"


Mailto link with Body text:


a href="mailto:[email protected]?&body=Body Text Goes In Here. "


Mailto link with multiple lines of Body text:


a href="mailto:[email protected]?&body=Your Email Message's First Line. &body=Your Email Message's Second Line. &body=Your Email Message's Third Line. "


Note that this last one does not work consistently in all email programs - some will display the different lines of text as one line.

However, it sounds as though you want an email message containing a blank form or at least a form where some fields are blank to open up on clicking a link.

This can be done up to a point but it gets very complex, is not 100% reliable and I see no benefit to it that an online form could not better provide.

Why not consider having a link or button that lauches your form into a new browser window ?

You can set some of the form fields and disable them for editing, allowing you to set certain field text to your own preference. Other form fields can have input typed in by your site visitor and when the Submit button is clicked the whole lot is processed by a form to email handler and you get an email with the form submission.

Can you try to supply as much detail as possible about what it is you would like to do and the kind of information you want to process ?

  FUNKAM11 09:38 15 Feb 2005

Sounds quite daunting.I think I will have to look at opening a form in a new window.Thanks a lot

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