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  Kendel 11:01 16 Jan 2006

Help please! I recently tried to join a web site. I put all the neccessary info. in and was told I would get a confirmation e-mail within the hour. I never received this, then I noticed a message on the site saying some computers block HTML e mails. Can someone explain this please and can it be overcome. Thanks.

  Batch 13:08 16 Jan 2006

If you are using a standard Windows installation with Outlook Express for email, you are unlikely to have such a problem.

It is more likely that the email hasn't been sent or that you entered your email address incorrectly on the website.

You could try registering again on the web site and / or using a webmail facility to access your email account via a web page. Your ISP may well provide webmail access to your account (most of the main ones do these days).

  Hamish 13:34 16 Jan 2006

Try in OE under Tools, Options, Security and remove the tick from block images under download images if there is one

  Kendel 14:59 16 Jan 2006

Batch, I am using windows ME and outlook express.
I have tried to register again and still didn't receive the confirmation reply. I am the main account holder with my ISP, the person who is the secondary holder has had no problem, she received her reply straight away. I have aslo checked my account on my ISP web page direct, there is nothing there.
Hamish, I have looked on OE as you suggested, there is no such box under security.
Thanks both anyway.

  Batch 16:27 16 Jan 2006

If the email isn't appearing in your webmail, it isn't being sent or isn't getting to you, for whatever reason. So it's nothing to do with settings on your pc to block any particular type of email.

Is the ISP detecting it as spam and putting into a junk folder or something like that?

  Kendel 16:53 16 Jan 2006

Success. I have registered again, this time I went straight to my ISP instead of trying OE first. The reply was there, so got the info I needed by opening it there. When I then went to OE the mail didn't come through, so it is being deleted somewhere between my ISP and OE. At least I now know that I should always check my webmail first. Once the rest of the mail has been sent to OE all the lot dissappears from my ISP, including the problem ones. The only thing I now need to know is why is OE not letting all my mail through. Thanks for you help.

  Batch 17:11 16 Jan 2006

Have you, by chance, set up rules in OE that delete (or move) certain types of incoming messages automatically?

I can't think of any other reason why messages should "disappear".

  Kendel 11:54 17 Jan 2006

I have checked my OE rules and can't find anything I could have done to block the messages. I can only think that perhaps somewhere in the past I could have downloaded some kind of security patch that is blocking HTML e-mails. All other mail is O.K.

  Hamish 17:57 17 Jan 2006

Sorry Kendel,

In OE 6 in tools, options and then under Security, halfway down the page, there is a box under the heading Download Images which may have a tick in it. If you do not have this I do know what version of OE you are using

  Kendel 09:27 18 Jan 2006

I am using OE6. On further checking tools, options, security I still can't find a box headed Download Images, I have a heading "Virus Protection" there I have the option to to either tick Internet Zone (less secure, more functional) or Restricted Sites (More secure). The more secure box was ticked as default, I moved it to the other box. I then checked my mail and all seems to be well. The only other heading on that page is "secure mail" and that's all about digital ID's. Batch & Hamish thanks for all the help. I hope the problem is now solved.

  Hamish 09:38 18 Jan 2006


You are checking tools, etc in Internet Explorer. Open outlook express and then check. It may or may not help depending on whether or not there is a tick but it is the OE page and not IE page

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