htc desire reboots all the time

  sunnystaines 14:31 23 Apr 2012

first 18 mths of phone it was first class, then it started rebooting when going on the internet on most occasions, now reboots anytime if using it.

the reboots used to be one or two continious reboots but now gets stuck in constant reboot which comes on at random and will not stop till battery taken out for about 10 mins.

the battery still lasts very well, reset to factory settings does not help.

the web was full of similar reboot sagas many reported sending back for repair but returning with same problem.

spoke to htc who said warranty is two years and they would cover repair but not keen to go without the phone for a week or more then get in faulty again. cannot renew to a new phone till early june.

anyone else had this, i know of two others who have similar problems too without a fix, keen to listen to any suggestions.

  sunnystaines 14:33 23 Apr 2012

forgot to add phone does not get hot or warm and can suddenly go into reboot even on a cold window sill on standby.

  stlucia2 08:37 24 Apr 2012

Mine did that a couple of years ago. It didn't get hot at the time, though it had done so a while before when I was using a GPS app.

Anyway, the good news was HTC replaced it free of charge when I took it to Carphone Warehouse, where I'd bought it. I seem to recall reading that it was a known issue.

  sunnystaines 08:57 24 Apr 2012


thanks mine too came from carphone warehouse, they too offred to send it off but could not give a return estimate of how long i would have to wait, no loan phone offered for repair period either.

looks like i will sit it out only about 8 weeks to upgrade time, but this has put me off htc for good, one web page said a batch of 40,000 had this fault so why did they not recall and replace.

I think its a duff process in the phone.

  birdface 09:25 24 Apr 2012

My daughter has a Htc Desire that just cuts out all of the time when phoning someone and absolutely no good to her and she still has 4 months of her contract to go.

She has had to borrow one of my old type phones to use in the meantime.

Worst phone she has ever had she said.

She phones someone from her Contacts and it goes through to complete strangers but not all of the time.

What I should have asked is the phone still under warranty while still on contract or do you still only get the 1Year warranty.

  birdface 09:47 24 Apr 2012

Ok checked it out and they do have a 2 year warranty the shop never mentioned that the amount of times that went back with it.

Thanks for that information sunnystaines it will come in usefull when she takes it back the next time.

  birdface 10:14 24 Apr 2012


After doing a bit of Googling the best action seems to be to take it back to the shop that you got it from and let them get the repairs done.

No hidden charges with them unlike sending it to HTC.

If you have an old phone open to all networks or even the network that you use with the Htc make sure your sim card has all of your contacts on it and Phone numbers and just use the sim card on the old phone for a week till you get it repaired.

  robin_x 10:37 24 Apr 2012

My slightly expensive but non-smart Samsung phone packed up after 18 months of light use (often refusing to charge, powering off during charge, or during use. Also not powering up sometimes).

Another charger and new battery failed to cure it.

The only advice I could find was replace the main logic board or possibly reflow the board in the oven.

Warranty was not an issue, but hassle factor was. I never got round to it. (I still may do one day).

Buying a new cheap phone precluded further investigation.

  sunnystaines 13:52 24 Apr 2012

buteman ring htc direct their customer service are english helpful they also offered pick up next day by courier, may be quicker than the store.

they check the imei number over the phone to check the warranty.

I think HTC may well disappear next year or so unless their quality improves deluxe features on a fiat build.

  birdface 15:13 24 Apr 2012


Read some bad reports about some of the charges they wanted to make to some of their customers.

And if you did not pay the charges they would not do the repair.And they would charge you for posting the phone back.

Wanted to charge someone £80 for changing a cracked screen and there was no crack on the screen when he sent it.Or £160 I think it was for new plastic casing.

Not sure of course if the charges were legit or not but makes you wonder what to do for the best.

I understand and I may be wrong but if you take it back to the shop it goes to their repair shop to get fixed and not to Htc.

Maybe take a few photos of it before they collect it may be a good idea.

  birdface 20:27 24 Apr 2012


Daughter had been down to the phone shop complaining a few times before and not once did they say that there was a 2 year warranty on it and to leave it and they would get it repaired.

After seeing your information she went back down to the shop once more asked why they never offered to repair it or tell her about the 2 year warranty.

The outcome is she has to take it back and they will send it away to be repaired.

Her husbands phone was the same so that is going back as well.

Lets hope you manage to get yours sorted as well.

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