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  swags 23:41 08 Jun 2004

I am hosting with easily and am trying to protect access to my website. I have read the tutorials and understand that htaccess must have a path to the htpasswd file and that the files, once uploaded, must be set as and "extension" ie '.htaccess'.

My problem is that I cannot access the website :(
When trying to do so the User name is already inserted into the "box" with only the password being required. Entering the password used, not the encrypted password,does not grant me access to the site.

Does anyone have any advice?



  Taran 00:22 09 Jun 2004

When you say that you "cannot access the website" how are you trying to access it ?

If you are running an FTP program you need to set your account up as follows:

Server, Username, Password.

With Easily this will be along the lines of

Server :

Username : l23xy6o54h4q

Password : 5G0FGWf1BWWqc6v

Normally you shouldn't have to manually configure anything else in your FTP client - the defaults will be fine, although if you're using WS_FTP you should make sure that before you login to a server, select the "Startup" tab. Under "Remote file mask" enter -a which will enable hidden file view in WS_FTP, allowing you to see the .htaccess file on your web server.

Note that the above is an example based on the FTP account details normally supplied by Easily and is intended for demonstration purposes - it is not a live account but follows the naming structure of the server, username and password issued by Easily.

Publishing from FrontPage will require a different server name and username but the password will be the same. From FrontPage Easily normally set your account up as follows:

Server : http : // www . yourURL .com/

Username : webmaster

Password : 5G0FGWf1BWWqc6v

Note that while the server and usernames are different the password is the same as your FTP account.

You don't say how it is you are trying to access your account and without that crucial bit of information it is impossible to see where things could be going wrong. I imagine that you may be trying a FrontPage username/password for FTP or vice versa.

A quick email to Easily tech support should have you sorted out by tomorrow. Easily are normally pretty good as lower-cost hosts go and their support tends to be quite quick. If you do email them be sure to quote the domain name, your name and your account details.

  swags 12:59 09 Jun 2004

Hi Taran,

Thanks for your response, I have uploaded the ht.... files and renamed tham as an extension via the ftp in windows commander. Its just the fact that when trying to view the website I have uploaded, the system will not accept my passord even though the path is correct in htaccess.

I will drop eaisly an email.

Many thanks


  Taran 13:26 09 Jun 2004

Here's a link to a file generator: click here

It will create your .htaccess and .htpassword files for you which you then just upload to your web, but one thing you myst get absolutely right for them to work is the exact path on your web server of the directory you are protecting. If you get the path wrong it won't work at all.

I'm interested to hear you say that you uploaded the files and then renamed them on the web server. You best bet is to create them with a simple text editor and name them from scratch as .htaccess and .htpassword. It's worth using the above link to generate your files since you should relly encrypt the password for security and the generator does it for you.

You can use Notepad for simple text fles including .htaccess or something like Crimson Editor click here or HTML Kit click here is far, far better. Both of them will allow you to name a file anything you like without trying to add a .txt extension to the file and they both offer code syntax colouring which makes reading code files of any description a breeze.

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