HT and operating systems

  B_E_N 16:43 26 Dec 2003

I am getting a new PC with a pentium 4 (2.6G 800mhz FSB). First question, do all P4s use HT and secondly do I have to use XP pro to benefit from it. I ask this as I heard that only XP pro uses HT. I am plannig to buy XP home and the fact I will not benefit from HT when using Word does not bother me particularly, however, I am told that Half Life 2 will use HT. Now to the point, will I have to have XP pro to reap the benefits of HT in HL2, or will it be independant of which OS I have.
Thanks, I hope no one has died of acronym poisoning.

  Big Elf 16:48 26 Dec 2003

I believe that all 800mhz Pentium 4 have HT. I'm not sure about having to use Professional though. I think I've read somewhere that Home supports it although the software has to be written specially for it.

  B_E_N 16:50 26 Dec 2003

thanks, I think that answers it

  Big Elf 16:52 26 Dec 2003

Hang on a bit, don't rely on an ancient Elf with a solitary brain cell that only sparks into life on a random basis:0)

There may be others out there who definitely know.

  Big Elf 16:56 26 Dec 2003

Sorry, didn't refresh.

  rickf 17:20 26 Dec 2003

First make sure that your m/b supports HT. P4 800FSB and some 533 also support HT. Check the specs of the CPU and it will tell you. Under processor in device manager your CPU will show up as two. Although, I use Pro myself, I am almost certain that Home XP OS supports it too.If your m/b does support it, it will automatically identify it and activate. Hope this helps.

  rickf 17:24 26 Dec 2003

BTW, Ben why not go for 2.8 if your m/b can take it instead of 2.6. I got mine at the fair for £139 retail month ago. British Computer Fairs at Totenham Ct Road. Good luck and enjoy, it flies and v. good for overclocking.

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