HSE guidelines on Display Screens at Work

  JYPX 18:32 20 Nov 2004

Are there any legal brains out there who could help me with a question please. Would it be fair to say that a TFT monitor fixed to the wall behind an office desk (ie no adjustment for screen height or eye to screen distance, the only movement being a very small amount of tilt) would fall foul of the regulations - ie be illegal? Any links to information would also be very helpful.

  johnnyrocker 18:35 20 Nov 2004

you could click here


  JYPX 11:24 21 Nov 2004


  bluesbrother 12:37 21 Nov 2004

Don't know if this will help much, this is not really my field, click here if this link doesn't work you will find it here click here

Evaluation of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.

I do know a risk assesment should be done on any new equipment before a employee is asked to use it. In this case you would need to call in an expert.

  JYPX 18:40 21 Nov 2004

Thanks to both of you for the useful links. I guess I was hoping to find someone on the forum who works in this field - still hopeful in fact!

  johnnyrocker 19:54 21 Nov 2004

keep at it you never know


  bluesbrother 19:08 22 Nov 2004

Sorry. Should have included this link yesterday. click here Hope it helps.

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