Hrad disk not booting into windows

  Hughesy 23:30 07 Sep 2005

Hi all, I have a little problem with the family PC, and wanted to ask your advice.

It has a single hard disk configured as primary master, with the 2 cd drives being on the secondary channel. It's OS is windows xp pro.

When I turned the pc on it recognised the hard disk fine in BIOS, went through the checks ok and showed the message "Searching for boot record from IDE-0..Ok" as normal. Then it just stays there and nothing happens

Is there anything I can do to try and rectify this without formatting the hard disk? Whats my best plan of action?

Thanking you all in advance


  Rico2005 03:54 08 Sep 2005

hi steve

First hint you may have to restore xp in original format by formatting the disk once again

Second hint
Only if not under manufacturer warranty, coz manufacturer like dell cancel your policy if you open the box so let's try this trick open the case unplugged first!!! make sure not touching other components verify cables on hard disk remove jumper coz having one drive there is no issue with master or slave try to run the pc without the hard disk...switch off again and plug it back without jumper, verify cabling on motherboard and HDD and start again... see what is happening... do not touch component to avoid EDC -electrostatic discharge which may damage your system

if nothing happening reboot with the HDD in, go in MS mode and try to reload system from your backup disk to have the A: at the invite then type c: +enter (or the letter you used before to access this drive)- just to check if you can read it in MS mode- then type at c:>dir/p, press enter and see if you can read repertory tree and folders. If you have important data, try to backup your perso data onto a floppies - tough process

If not, my advice buy a another HDD from maplink bigger size 200GB ~£80+vat i think make sure to mention what type of connection from the current HDD: IDE, SCSI or SATA... and put back the old one as a slave new as master (jumper back please) make sure your pc does not reboot on this old drive (bios selection, remove any allocation to old disk, ideally reboot from cd drive to config new HDD in the bios, make sure other booting selection default to c drive) Once you have this new HDD in place you could go back reading and saving your old data back to the new HDD and format the old one in NTFS format!

I run four HDD with two you should be ok with your current alimentation/power supply wise to consider having more than 250w check on the back of the PC

Your current HDD could be faulty...

I can guide you more if needed...

  Rico2005 04:02 08 Sep 2005

steve sorry to clarify for the new HDD
1- in Bios default to your cd drive only no other selection
2- do not plugg the old HDD
3- format and install your licenced XP pro on the new HDD
4- complete install
5- reboot PC once finished. Switch off after veryfying XP launch properly, setup your internet connection and activate product again and go to windows update and install all in order
6- Close down and Install the old HDD in putting the jumper to slave on the top of the case you have a drawing telling you were 2 put jumper
7- Do not change the bios defaulting to cd-rom drive for now
8- you should be able to access it now, automatically recognise otherwiser may have to allocate a drive for it... more to come...

  keith-236785 17:23 08 Sep 2005

you need to try fdisk /mbr before going to the extreme of re-installing or opening your computer.

put your windows cd in the drive, reboot your pc, press F8 when you get the first black screen and keep pressing it until you get a menu, choose command prompt ( i think its Shift+F5)

when you get the command prompt, type

fdisk /mbr

note the space before the / it is important.
this will rewrite the master boot record and may allow windows to boot up again.
remove the cd and reboot your pc.
if it still wont work, then you would have to follow Rico2005's advice.

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