HPG6000 Laptop will not start urgent help please!

  legalrep 14:14 01 Aug 2010

My sons laptop an HP G6000 has failed to recover from sleep now and then for about a week, screen is blank but I assume windows is still working if we simple held the power button down it would restart and be fine, this has happened perhaps 4 times.

Today same happened but computer will now not boot! Power light is on, battery light is on, hard drive light will flash as it normally does when it starts but that's as far as it gets nothing on screen as during a normal boot!

He has his school work on here and its important to try and solve the issue. Help would be much appreciated!

I have tried to research the problem and have tried removing all power holding the start button down for 30sec recommended on many sights but this has failed to help!

  woodchip 14:19 01 Aug 2010

does it not show anything like f10 for bios or f11 for recovery after starting. try tapping f5 after you press start button

  legalrep 14:21 01 Aug 2010

Hi woodchip thanks for your quick reply

No nothing on screen at all!

  woodchip 14:25 01 Aug 2010

As its a Laptop, you are limited on what to try. at the bottom or edge of the Laptop you will find a Plate that has the Hard Drive under it, suggest removing and refitting it

  woodchip 14:26 01 Aug 2010

PS WITH POWER AND Battery Removed

  legalrep 14:27 01 Aug 2010

thanks I will take a look!

  woodchip 14:30 01 Aug 2010

PS you can also try starting with out the Hard drive in, so if it shows on screen you know the drive is faulty or corrupt

  legalrep 14:46 01 Aug 2010

Woodchip have tried as suggested refitted HD and same powers up hard drive light flickers but nothing on screen.

Removed HD as suggested and powers up same as with HD in no screen appears indicating any problems though!

Beginning to fear the worst!

  Ashrich 14:59 01 Aug 2010

These laptops are renown for failures , usually motherboard or video ( nvidia ) problems , wireless also fails regularly ( mobo again )

If it is under a year old take it back to the place you bought it from , if older check to see if it is in the extended repair list click here .


  legalrep 15:02 01 Aug 2010

Ashrich Its 2 years+ old and the wireless has already failed about 9 months ago! Not in warranty!
Me thinks we have major problems!

  DieSse 15:03 01 Aug 2010

Have you tried an external monitor - maybe just the screen has failed.

To recover work if the hard drive is still OK, remove it, put it into a caddy with a USB connection - connect to another system.

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