HPdeskjet 840c

  jim63 16:26 18 Apr 2008

Could I please have some views on this printer before using

  howard64 20:50 18 Apr 2008

I have an old one and when it works it is fine but it can be awkward not picking up paper etc.

  Dipso 09:29 19 Apr 2008

Similar results here with from a slightly lesser model. It doesn't always pick the paper up and a roller rejuvenating product doesn't seem worth the outlay...shame really, as when it works it works well.

  DieSse 14:24 19 Apr 2008

The rollers in these printers can be "rejuvenated" with a (dry!) washing up pad - one of the type with a coarse green layer.

Press it (the coarse green layer) up hard against the rollers and keep pressing the paper feed button. You'll have to do it for each roller, and for several minutes each.

Then pass a few sheets of blank paper through to flush out the bits.

I've done this of several older printers with these large feed rollers, and it can last for more than a year.

  DieSse 14:27 19 Apr 2008

One great think about the 840 and similar printers is - you can get refilled, high capacity cartridges, very cheaply. These last for months at a time, giving very ow cost printing.

I used a 940c, which is not too dissimilar - works great - currently testing a pre-release HP All-in-one - but the 940 still going very well after many years and loads of printing.

  jim63 16:03 19 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone for your help

  Dipso 22:07 19 Apr 2008

Thanks for the tip...I shall try that!

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