HPdeskjet 840 cartridges

  lester1 22:23 22 Jan 2003
  lester1 22:23 22 Jan 2003

My hp deskjet will not accept replacement ink cartridges even though they are genuine hp the printer displays the replace cart light and refuses to accept the replacements.HP were no help at all,I got sick of filling the originals by hand and bought a cannon printer.It seems a shame to bin a perfectly good printer! any idea's

  DieSse 00:21 23 Jan 2003

Possibly dirty contacts on the printer and/or cartridge. Clean them very very carefully.

  jazzypop 01:10 23 Jan 2003

Good advice from DieSse - here's how - click here

  lester1 22:13 23 Jan 2003

Tried that, the old cartridges still worked fine but as I said I got fed-up with filling them.I thought that a software update might cure the problem but no joy.HP web site was no help and after getting the run around on their help line and ending up on a premium rate number I threw the toy's out of the pram and bought a replacement.

  DieSse 22:22 23 Jan 2003

You've cleaned the electrical contacts on the inside of the cartridge housing??

  DieSse 22:24 23 Jan 2003

PS - are you sure you've got the correct cartridges - there are many different types that look the same, but are not the same - check the part numbers on the actual cartridges.

  lester1 22:36 23 Jan 2003

Yep I was very careful to make sure it was done correctly and no debris was left behind.Replacement cartridges correct ie numbers the same as the originals.

  DieSse 01:18 24 Jan 2003

If I understood you correctly - you can refill the original cartridges and they will work - but you cannot use new cartridges of the same type.

If that's so, then you either have some faulty cartridges, or we are both missing something - as that scenario is illogical.

  lester1 21:34 24 Jan 2003

I agree hence the original question. I came to the conclusion that the cartridges could be faulty but was stumped as to why this happened with both B/W and colour at the same time.So after mucking about for so long and given that changing the carts again would have cost 50-60 notes,and if the printer may be u/s,I would be better off buying a new printer (with cheaper ink tanks).It just occured that someone may have had the same problem and had managed to find a fix.

  DieSse 22:06 24 Jan 2003

I would take the cartridges back to where you got them from - and tell them of the problem - and ask for replacements (are they in date?).

It's even conceivable that you've got wrongly labelled cartridges (but both would be unlikely).

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