HP720C cropping internet pages

  Newuser3875 23:47 29 Jan 2005

Hi everyone. Does anyone have a clue why my printer cuts off the right hand edge (about 0.5 to 1cm) of every page I print from internet explorer (It always has done this). I use win98.

  Djohn 00:05 30 Jan 2005

Its a common problem for most printers and not a fault as such. It is the way that websites are displayed on the screen in pixels. These do not equate to DPI (Dots per inch) that the printer uses.

Some printers, Canon for instance have a setting for printing web pages in full by adjusting the size down to fit the page. You can try using Landscape setting or, Scale to fit if your printer has this setting. Another method that sometimes works is to set your margins from the edge of the text instead of edge of page then reduce the margins as far as they will go.

  joethebow 00:29 30 Jan 2005

I have a HP720C. Unfortunatly HP have not issued XP drivers for it relying instead on the very basic one that is part of XP so the printer has only very basic settings. I assume Newuser has the same problem, only basic options.

I have had this problem since installing XP and have done one of 2 things: Either live with it or copy the page into Word and print it from there.

  Omicron 19:29 30 Jan 2005

thanks. I thought as much. I recall rummaging around various web sites a few years ago to try to find a solution (and failing). It is reassuring to know that there has not been an answer out there all this time. Copying to MSword it is then.
Omicron (i.e. 'newuser')

  Dipso 21:24 30 Jan 2005

As Djohn said, if you click File, do you not have the option Page Setup? From there you should be able to adjust the margins of the document (toggle) which should allow you to print the right hand side, or you could change the page orientation from portrait to landscape which would have the same effect but you may need to print more pages to print all of the document.

joethebow - This thread advises how to access more functions by going into control panel
click here I found it gave me more options.

  wjrt 23:11 30 Jan 2005

for file

  joethebow 18:07 31 Jan 2005


You're a genius! I never would have thought of that in a million years. I tried it and it works, perfectly. Everything I was missing and looking for is right there.

Thank you very much for that!

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