hp56 cartridge

  2020 16:13 17 Apr 2006

i have tried to use a HP56 cartridge on my deskjet 3420 and it won't recognise it. i know the origianl was No 27 but i am told that the 56 will also do. what do i need to do to make it work/

  martd77 16:37 17 Apr 2006

Are you sure,my hp uses 56/57 which are a few quid more expensive than 26/27?if it does then ill buy the 26/27 carts cos they are cheaper,mine is a 5 series and im pretty sure it doesnt use 26/27 lookclick here here

  mgmcc 16:44 17 Apr 2006

Is it definitely the right cartridge? I have a PSC1215 that uses the 27 or 56 and looking at a new 56 box, it doesn't mention a Deskjet 3420.

You shouldn't have to do anything to get the printer to recognise the correct cartridge.

  mgmcc 16:48 17 Apr 2006

The compatible cartridges are:

Black 27 or 56

Colour 28 or 57

  2020 17:01 17 Apr 2006

this is the information i had previously got on the site last year. ihave only now had to try the 56 cartridge and get the message - the black ink cartridge is not compatiable with this device.

Tue, 07/06/[email protected]:17

i have been given to understand that the cartridges 27 and 56 are the same, that is either can be used in the relevant printers. only difference is the 56 has more ink, can you enlighten me ..with thanks

Tue, 07/06/[email protected]:38

I can with absolute certainty. No.27 and 56 are HP black ink cartridges. No 56 is the big brother of No 27. As you say 56 contains more ink. No 28 and No 57 are the colour twins. again No57 contains much more ink.

Tue, 07/06/[email protected]:40

You will find that the 27 is the low capacity version of the 56 [ie 27 contains less ink]. If you are self-refilling, then the capacity will be minimal.Low capacity cartridges are usually sold with new printers for trial purposes.

Low capacity run out faster,and that's how printer and cartridge manufacturers make their money.

Tue, 07/06/[email protected]:03

On Choice Stationery both the 27 and 56 are listed at the same price £11.98 so obviously go for the 56. The 57 is listed on Choice at £13.99

click here

Tue, 07/06/[email protected]:54

thanks for keeping me right

  2020 18:34 22 Apr 2006

any thoughts?

  mgmcc 21:00 22 Apr 2006

My thought would be that the 27/56 and 28/57 may be interchangeable in some, but not all, HP printers that use these cartridges, which I know doesn't help you at all :-(

  2020 13:40 23 Apr 2006

thanks mgmcc.
is there a way to get past the not compatiable message such as when you use other non HP cartridges?

  DieSse 14:20 23 Apr 2006

According to the reference manual, which I've just looked at on-line - your printer uses 27 and 28 cartridges - no others are mentioned.

click here see page 7

  2020 14:41 23 Apr 2006

thanks DieSse
i know that the 27 & 28 are the printer cartridges, its just i thought that i could also use the 56 & 57. so it seems i can't!

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