HP1210 printer problem

  PARIS/FALLS/04 14:50 29 Jul 2004

This is an update to my sisters problem with her printer i had another thread posted a few weeks ago. the problem is she had the printer replaced by hp and had to go get new ink but once installed the printer is still not working she still has the same problem as she cant go back to hp i would like to be able to work out what the problem is with it. the computer is running windows 98se

Here is a link to my last thread on this
click here

More advice on this would be appreciated.

  PARIS/FALLS/04 15:43 29 Jul 2004

hi there any advice would be good

  kspatto 15:51 29 Jul 2004

bios updates are a risky procedure and should not be attempted except as a last resort also I would agree that it is unlikely to be required as the printer was working with the old setup (you could try restoring the default settings in your bios "safer than updating")

are you still using the same lead if so try a different one if the printer fails to work in both your PCs try the lead and the printer in someone elses PC (preferably running XP)

make sure that in control panel the printer in question is selected as the default printer

if your printer has dual inputs (ie USB/serial)
try using the other input port-- 98 can have problems with USB

luck patto

  PARIS/FALLS/04 16:00 29 Jul 2004

kspatto Thanks for the reply we did try the printer in my pc but i am also running windows 98se still the same problem We are unemployed so cant afford xp at the moment. As it said in the other link it was working ok on the computer for several months and then one day it was simply not working. We are now sitting here with a new printer and all new leads as well and dont know what to try next we have set the printer as default.

i would like to restore the bios setting to default but you would have to tell me how to do that as ive never done it before.


  TommyRed 16:10 29 Jul 2004

If this is the HP psc 1210 all in one printer I have the same one. Mine installed without problem on XP but my mate bought the very same for his 98SE and had nothing but problems installing it. In fact, I went round to help him (2 guys scrathing their heads is better than one, evidently). What I immediately found was that he was using the Mac instructions and not the PC ones, even though it installed after that ok and the printer and copier worked fine the scanner continously came up with an error (can't remember what it said). We just ignored it and ok'ed through it and then it worked great. Don't know if this will help, TR

  €dstowe 16:13 29 Jul 2004

HP printers are VERY particular about having their drivers and other software installed correctly.

Try removing all trace of the printer software from the machine and then re-installing EXACTLY according to the instructions given. Do not deviate at all from what is written.

It could have been that the drivers became corrupted in the old setup, resulting in a failure to work and this has been compounded by incorrect re-installations giving further failures.

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