HP zv5000 pavilion start up problem

  mrtask 19:37 03 Nov 2008

My HP zv5000 pavillion is not booting up.

When I press the power button (Only when the power cable is connected,)The only things that happen are the shortcut button leds light up (NOT THE POWER BUTTON LEDS.) and the fans power up, nothing else happens and it remains like this until you remove the battery, I've reseted the RAM and no luck, drained the power then tryed, no luck. Can anyone help me?

  birdface 19:54 03 Nov 2008

There was a problem with With some Laptop batteries from HP that were getting recalled.It was PCA Home page within the last week.But I don't know if your model was amongst them.My grandaughters HP went similar to yours about 6 weeks ago but there was no sign of life with it at all.As it was still under warranty she took it back and they tried a new battery on it and it worked Okay.They kept it for a fortnight to make sure there were no more faults.But they gave her it back working again.I don't think batteries are usually covered by warranty but maybe it was one of the faulty ones.

  mrtask 20:03 03 Nov 2008

I just googled "zv5000 battery recall" and nothing was said about a recall, where could I find out about the details of the recall?

  woodchip 20:13 03 Nov 2008

Yes faulty battery, they can short internally

  mrtask 20:18 03 Nov 2008

I just entered details on s/n and battery barcode, and my battery is not legible for replacement, warranty's out so I guess I'll have to buy a new battery.

  birdface 21:25 03 Nov 2008

click here From the BBC.

  mrtask 08:03 04 Nov 2008

Thanks, but the recall does not affect me, so the HP website told me when I puit in my battery barcode.

So, I don't think it's the battery because it does charge and it does work, but it just does not startup properly.

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