HP VL.5/166 bios password

  Joe R 16:19 10 Mar 2006

Hello all,

i've just been given the above system to add win98 to. The person who gave me it, has used fdisk and format to ready the 1.5 Gb hard drive, for o's installation, but unfortunately, the bios is password protected, and I can't change the boot menu to install windows.( he informs me that it was booting to a command prompt screen, so enabling him to format etc.)

Just to ask if anyone would possibly know the default password for this system. ( circa 1997 ).

  pj123 16:25 10 Mar 2006

Have to ask. Is it worth the effort with a 1.5gb hard drive?

The easiest way to reset the BIOS is to take the Motherboard battery out and leave for a few hours and then put the battery in again.

  Joe R 16:41 10 Mar 2006


I agree with your sentiments, but the system is used by a friends kids to play basic games.

I have no drivers for the system, and can only hope 98se has them.

It also has 16 Mb Memory, 2Mb graphics, and, as you'll guess from the heading, an Intel 166 cpu, so needless to say, I am not looking forward to the set-up.

I'll open the case up and take the battery out, and see if this works. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Regards Joe.

  ed-0 16:51 10 Mar 2006

You should see a system board switch box in side on the motherboard. click here

Switch 5 when closed, clears admintrators and users passwords

Switch 6 when closed, clears the cmos.

  ed-0 16:52 10 Mar 2006

This may be of some use to you. click here

  Joe R 16:56 10 Mar 2006


thanks also for the input, but another problem I am having just now, is with trying to open the case.

It is a desktop case with a large key slot, which seems to be superglued on to the lock position.

As it is for kids, I don't wish to burst it open, and leave a way into the system.

  pj123 17:37 10 Mar 2006

I doubt very much whether Win 98SE will have any drivers other than a Standard VGA 640x480 monitor.

I know someone running a computer with a 166mhz processor but it does have 128mb memory and 64mb graphics and also an 8gb hard drive. No internet connection and he only uses it as a Word Processor though.

I'm sorry to say this but I, personally, wouldn't even attempt it.

I have quite a lot of "old" memory modules (simms, dimms, sdram etc) so if you can identify what sort of memory is fitted and any of mine is acceptable you are welcome to it, free. I also think that somewhere in my garage I have at least two old computers with better specification than the one you are looking at. Again, give me a couple of days to check it out. If I can find one with better spec I will contact you and you can have it for the postal charge.

  Joe R 17:45 10 Mar 2006


thanks very much for your kind offer, I also have some old simms and dimms lying around, but feel that as you have previously stated, it is really not worth the hassle of upgrading.

I have told the owner of the system, that without the bios password, I will be unable to access the system and install windows, and trying to gain access to the mobo, is becoming a real pain.

Thanks once again for your offer.

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