Hp Vista Laptop WiFi not connecting

  martd7 11:45 21 Dec 2018

I have a client with a HP Windows Vista laptop

Problem I have is it will not connect via WiFi

The 2monitors on the task bar show it's connected,on the list of WiFi access points it's listed as connected

When clicking on internet explorer it's blank comes up "not connected" No problems in device manager,the adapter is an Atherus network adapter

Haven't tried direct cable the client didn't have one,I intend to try it in next times visit,I will take a spare lead

It's an old laptop but seems very nippy and well looked after

Any help appreciated

  howard64 11:57 21 Dec 2018

I had a similar problem and it was a setting turned off in services. I cannot remember which one but I put it next to a working pc and set all services that were on on my pc and that did it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:22 21 Dec 2018

click here is a list of service settings for Vista service pack 2, the others are also on the site.

  martd7 12:48 21 Dec 2018

Thanks both I will check that on my next visit

  Govan1x 20:26 21 Dec 2018

Go into the Router network and change the settings to 2.4 Ghz and disable the 5ghz.

  Jollyjohn 21:53 21 Dec 2018

It might be the wifi adapter and whether it uses b,g or n. I had this issue with a Vista laptop and a USB WiFi dongle worked when the built in wifi wouldn't.

An Ethernet connection will work.

There may however be issues with some websites depending on which browser is used. As I remember Vista would only run Internet Explorer 8 (maybe 9) but not newer. Firefox was better, but haven't tried it recently.

  martd7 23:21 21 Dec 2018

Jolly John

Thanks I'm hoping it does work off the cable


Can't do that the routers property of the carehome the client lives in

  martd7 17:53 07 Jan 2019

Update,laptop works via ethernet cable but not via wifi at all,I have recommended using the cable or purchasing a usb WiFi connector

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