HP Vertical 4670 Scanner - Any good?

  [email protected] 08:49 29 Jul 2004

I'm putting together a school magazine and need a scanner for the job. I saw this in Costco and ignored it as I thought it was a bit gimmicky, however having looked at my Dad's enormous Epson scanner, and then at the very small amount of desktop that I have, I'm wondering if it might be more suitable than I first thought. I don't need a fantastic all singing all dancing beast, and have very little room to put a scanner, as I may be scanning small bits of children's work , it may be easier to arrange if I can see what I'm scanning.
Any thoughts on this or any other scanners?

  zipdrive 09:36 29 Jul 2004


I saw this scanner on the QVC channel recently. You can use it as a picture frame when not in use! It also comes with a negative adaptor. What I thought was good, is if you have a very large print you want to scan in. The lid comes off and you can place it over the item to be scanned and do it in stages. The scanner comes with software to stitch it all together.

If I was looking for a new scanner this would be the one I would likely go for.

Hope the above is of some help to you.

  €dstowe 10:38 29 Jul 2004

The customer review on ebuyer wasn't very positive.

  [email protected] 18:03 29 Jul 2004

I haven't heard of ebuyer, could you give me details Edstowe (haven't got a euro sign- how do I get one- side tracked here!)
As I saw it in Costco, I can tak eit back if it doesn't do what it is supposed to!!
Any other recommendations?

  €dstowe 18:47 29 Jul 2004

Sorry Debe, ebuyer link is click here

For information the € sign is from alt Gr + 4 €€€€€


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