HP Support. What is going on?

  QinesiQ 09:44 18 Aug 2006

I have posted a couple of threads concerning my pc freezing/hanging and I have had some great support from Gongoozler – thank you again.

I have been continuing to contact HP support (by email) attempting to resolve the situation. My computer (bought in January) is so unstable that I have now set up my old one. Each time I contact HP support I go round and round in circles as they provide trouble shooting steps that they are convinced help me. As much as I tell them it does not make any difference. In fact a few have made the situation worse (e.g. when they instructed me to delete windows components and I started loosing drives and programs).

I contacted HP again over the last couple of days and in the same email it said they had both resolved the issue and had not – I feel that they have no idea. From reading this forum and speaking to a few people I have narrowed it down to the memory/RAM (as kindly suggested by Gongoozler and later hinted at by HP themselves) motherboard, CPU or a cooling fault.

I posted on their support website – I was very polite and I described the symptoms and said I was receiving technical support but have yet to resolve it and did anyone know what would be causing it. I also included some suggestions of what it could be based on my research. I got a message today saying that my post had been removed- what is going on?

I was so fed up by their lack of support (and it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty) that I went back to PC World were I bought it from. Without any hesitation they asked me to bring it in for testing and said that it was very likely to be a hardware issue as suspected. I was reassured that I would not be charged for any work by them and they would give it a full looking over – why are HP so reluctant to help? I thought they were a reputable company I have been very surprised by this and I can not understand their reluctance to acknowledge what others deem straight away to be a clear hardware issue.

I finally got an email from HP support to call today to confirm my warranty details presumably so that they can take the matter further. After so many months of attempting to resolve this situation I get the impression that it was only after pleading with them that I need the pc for my research and my legal practice course that the word “legal” had something to do with this slight way forward.


  QinesiQ 10:16 18 Aug 2006

Well around I go again.

I have just got off a crackly line to from HP Support based somewhere on the moon I think. I explained the problem and asked to have my warranty verified as per the email.

I was asked for an explanation of the problem and I also added that PCW have the computer for testing as they thought it was a hardware issue. I also said the previous trouble shooting steps over the last few months did not resolve the issue. I am told I need to be seated on front of the unit to go through some trouble shooting steps – and to call back when I have the computer! How am I supposed to resolve a hardware issue? In fact, in one of the HP support emails I was asked to reseat the RAM (which is impossible as it is tucked under the HDD) and also to replace the RAM – with what – bananas???? Is this the type of thing I should be doing under a manufacturers warranty – I have never been asked to open up a unit before – I feel I am really missing something here.

I like HP printers but I won’t be buying HP desktops again. I had a Sony Vaio and the support I received was impeccable. When a hardware fault was detected the unit was shipped for repair.

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