hp spectre13-v001na compatability usb c- multiport

  suspectspectre 15:15 08 May 2017

Would anyone know which multiport adaptor i can use with an hp spectre13-v001na that powers hdmi and ethernet (simultaneously). i have a legacy set up and was sold the spectre as something i could plug and play, with no warning on compatability. i have tried dodocool and that does not work. despite having read their reviews. i am starting to suspect that hp have done something to the bios; their customer service team have been really unhelpful and said i don't have a business laptop so it won't connect to a screen or ethernet?!! that is obviously just ridiculous. ideally i would like to be able to buy third party products as a multiport and also as a charger. i cannot see why these should not work unless hp block them, in order to make me buy expensive hp products. i have never had an expensive laptop before and always bought 3rd party spare chargers etc that have worked just fine. anyway if anyone knows how to get the laptop to talk or compatible products i would love to hear of them. thanks

  difarn 21:42 08 May 2017

I don't know if you came across this on the HP forum. There are quite a few posts about a similar problem. A couple of posters say that their problems have been resolved by making contact with HP via their chatline and their bios were updated.

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  suspectspectre 22:31 08 May 2017

my model is not the spectre 360 and hp have been spoken to but they will not access the machine and claim they can do nothing to the bios.

  difarn 23:38 08 May 2017

I realise it is not the same model but just wondered if using the on-line chat would be more fruitful than speaking to customer support.

Is it possible to use usb-ethernet/hdmi adapters?

  suspectspectre 09:54 09 May 2017

i have not tried individual adaptors if that is your point; i only have a couple of ports and need ethernet, hdmi, mouse/keyboard and phone charger. so if they work or not it doesn't solve my problem. (online support/customer services same thing - ie i spoke to technical support). interestingly i don't think HP even recommend their own products for this machine - I sense they went too big too early with this model and are now retreating from the straight up usb-c stance. which is frustrating for me as a consumer and not very technical. i just wanted the most portable device i could find without sacrificing power.

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