Is the HP spectre x360 gem cut 13 inch upgradable

  Shuhanul Islam 02:39 16 Feb 2019

Hey guys, I need help choosing the right ultrabook for me. I am in cst major in college as a freshmen, I am a IT Specialist for a small nonprofit part time. I also have the CompTIA a+ and network+ so that's my background so you guys can help me choose based in my wants and needs.

So I will be doing a lot of programming, photo editing sometimes, and video editing here and there, I also like writing notes on a touch display a lot. Battery life should really good too maybe around 8 hours or more on regular browsing use like 3 or 4 tabs open and note taking. I do have a habit of opening like 10 different tabs at the same time but I will be working keeping on to minimum to save battery life of course. I do play video games but don't need a laptop for it since I play my games in a 4k hdr TV with rtx 2080ti, so no point in having a gaming laptop and I don't play games outside like that either it's not as fun since I really graphics a lot. But wouldn't mind having a gaming laptop if there's a good one with good battery life and lightweight with hopefully note-taking capabilities, but I daubt there's any since I have reasearched enough to find there's not any. I would prefer to have a laptop under 3 pounds hopefully.

click here what I researched for weeks, the main laptop that seems like the best for me is the HP spectre x360 gem cut 13inch. It's all around the best so far, it has thunderbolt which might be useful down the line if I want to use a external gpu if I felt there's a need for me too, usb c for charging from a laptop ready portable charger if I can find a good one in Amazon (I could be wrong about charging frome xternal battery but do give me advice on that as well). it's lightweight, it's 2in one and with pen functionality being pretty awesome, really sexy look with the whole color and gem looking thing going on, battery life is pretty good, I know it's not going to be like 20 hours, actual use suggest around 8 ish hours or maybe less. I don't need 4k display since it will need more battery power and plus 4k won't be too noticible on such a small size and worse part of having 4k with windows well we all know is the dpi, unless there's a fix for that which I would like to know so I can apply that fix to my TV since I am using my 4k TV as a monitor.

But that's besides the point, so the choice is there it seems but I do want to know if I can upgrade the ssd, ram and wifi card down the line.

I already looked at the surface book 2, that would have been the most perfect laptop but I have read on some major issues regarding that about the gpu being disconnected, some screen issues, people having to get warranty replaced in couple of month or even a year after having issues and other bad things which is keeping me from buying it. Plus the price is a lot but price isn't the biggest concern, not that I am rich or anything far from, but when it comes to tech I don't hold down or cheap out. I looked into the dell xps 13 2in 1 and I heard there's some weird battery issue, but that's a Secondary option for me still. Surface pro 6 is amazing but I don't like the keyboard part since it has a stand and I tend work on my lap or laying down so I want the screen to have its own strength. And plus the battery life isn't totally that good. Hp folio only has 2 cores so that's a no, I want speocifcally at least 4 cores since I might do virtualiazatiin here and there later. The main issues I have heard so far about the spectre is thermal which can probably be fixed by manual settings and updates and the other issue is using a external gpu can not work but that issue I read up was someone trying to use it with a aurorus external case so I don't know if it's specifically with that model or it maybe the laptop itself. But external gpu isn't not too much of a concern for me since I won't be using it now, it's just soemthing I might want to use down the line if I ever want to.

I don't need the laptop to be total future proof but I want tit I last a least a couple of years till I need to uograde to the next cool tech.

Sorry for the a whole paragraph lol, don't know how else to ask this without fully explaining it.


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