HP Spectre - John Lewis and PC World Models

  cberry 12:40 24 Dec 2016


Last night I purchased the i7 HP Spectre from John Lewis: click here was under the belief, due to pricing, that this was the same as PC Worlds i7: click here I have now noticed different product codes, and of course I want the newest/best for the such similar prices: 13-4172na (PC World) 13-4129na (John Lewis)

Can anyone work out the release dates or any other differentiation? Have been unable to work it out from the HP website etc. Need help asap as I may be cancelling my order... any help appreciated!

I But

  wee eddie 13:59 24 Dec 2016

I shan't go into any differences, that's up to you.

However it is necessary to point out that most large purchasers get their own variation of a particular model. In fact, the Models may be all but identical except for the Code Number. This allows Store Groups to make value claims that would otherwise be impossible

  rdave13 14:24 24 Dec 2016

JL has a better WI-FI card, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compared to 802.11 ac. Assuming the onboard GPUs are the same but the PCW site doesn't mention it. I'm comparing the specs shown on both sites you linked to. Apart from that I can't find any difference between the two. No idea about the release dates.

  Govan1x 18:01 24 Dec 2016

3 year warranty with JL and cheaper that would be my choice.

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