HP Scanner + XP Driver = Violence!

  Chegs ® 18:57 07 Jul 2003

I have an HP Scanjet 2100C.I was going to change it when I swapped from 98se to XP as no drivers were available,but I found a way to get it running under XP.Then HP released a driver for XP+HP Scanjet,and although it was awkward I finally managed to get it to change over from the M$ driver to HP driver.Then the SP-1 Update arrived and after its installation I found I could no longer get the scanner to use the HP install(each time I try to run the software,I get "Device could not be found" I have been at this now for three days,and am presently upto HP Scanjet#7 in Device Manager.I tried booting into safemode(as in 98se,it lists ALL devices that have been on your system,so allowing their deletion)to remove previous Scanjets,and none could be found.The reason I wish to switch over from the M$ driver,is it only gives 600x600dpi,and I have to disable it in device manager(or unplug it)to switch it off.

If I really must,I WILL go out and buy a new scanner,but feel really cheated as there is nothing wrong with the HP.(although the company's "support team" should stop being paid as they seem to do little but "make up the numbers")

  jimv7 19:17 07 Jul 2003

Try a win 2000 driver, they sometimes work.

  Chegs ® 21:22 07 Jul 2003

Just downloaded the 2000 driver,its exactly the same as the XP one(but I d/l'ed it anyway)and....exactly the same problem,M$ own driver is still residing in my puter and we are now trying for HP Scanjet#8 to get its HP driver!

  Megatyte 21:35 07 Jul 2003

Remove all Scanjets in Device Manager and then re-install.


  Chegs ® 21:42 07 Jul 2003

I have,but each time I remove the device,re-install the driver then reconnect the device,it returns in Device Manager with a new #*

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