HP scanner prints with a blue tint..help please th

  bof:) 09:27 01 Jul 2003

Hi all,

Brother-in-law phoned last night, he has a HP Deskjet 720c printer which appears to have begun to print in a blueish tint.

This was discovered when he scanned a photo of his kids for printing. He has also tried printing photographs directly from his HD using Paint,PhotoSuite and Adobe Photoshop, all have printed with a blue tint.

He has used the 'clean the heads' program several times and the printers own 'test page' prints off perfectly. But his own photo's come out blueish, (they never used to).

I have looked on the HP help site FAQ's and using their problem solver option but the Deskjet 720c is not in their products list.

I've suggested that he deletes and reinstalls the drivers for the printer and if this does not work I will take my printer and try it on his PC.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated, so we can check them out.

He is using win98se.

Many thanks,


  Agent Smith 09:55 01 Jul 2003

Your thread says HP scanner prints with a blue tint but the body of your post talks about the printer. It is possible that the scanner has "bloom" under the glass or on the mirror. I submitted a post here a couple of weeks ago on scanner cleaning click here and I notice someone else posted a link from within a post yesterday click here It is also just possible that it is the photos themselves. I worked on colour copiers for a while and it was known that some photographic processes used a bluish tint to enhance the photo's characteristics. Try using a photo from a different batch to ascertain whether it is the photos or the scanner. Also scanning a white A4 sheet and looking at it in your graphics package may help to determine if its the scanner. Running a test print on the printer may help to determine if it's the printer. Hope this helps.

  Tazfan 10:30 01 Jul 2003

Does web content print ok?

  bof:) 11:17 01 Jul 2003

Hi Agent Smith, good idea about the white sheet of paper, never heard of 'bloom' so I will read the threads you've suggested.

Brother in law says...bluish tint on photo's from the scanner he has now and also from pictures on HD scanned on by a different scanner.

So, it seems 2 scanners have been used to collect photographs and all are printing out with blueish tint.

The scanner he is using now is a 'Microtek 4900'. (not sure of spelling).

The printer test page prints out normally.

Tazfan, I've asked him to print off a page from the internet asap.


  bof:) 23:34 01 Jul 2003

Hi all,

here's what we tried tonight...

1. deleted brother in laws printer and installed mine on his PC...printed fine...no blue tint on anything.

2. reinstalled brother in laws printer with upto date drivers. printed blue tint. (having done a reg clean to make sure every thing of my printer had gone...also uninstalled my printer 1st and rebooted)

On a picture showing trees, printer prints blue leaves instead of green ones. Red on photograph is light pink.

Brown tree trunks are show as purple.

We tried scanning a white piece of paper as suggested by Agent Smith, scanner refused to scan as it said there was nothing to scan.

Tazfan.... printing from the internet also resulted in a blue tint.

Tomorrow Brother in law is going to buy a new colour cartridge to the printer to see if that makes any difference.

Anymore ideas will be appreciated and acted upon.

Many thanks for your time and the imput,


  bof:) 23:34 01 Jul 2003


  woodchip 23:44 01 Jul 2003

Have you tried running a test page from the print in Start/Settings/Printers right click the printer you want to print a test page and click on properties you will see the test page button. check you get all three colours plus black

  rins36 23:52 01 Jul 2003


As a thought this happened to my friends printer about 3 months ago & here is wht she did:-

Took the cartridge out & checked the base & found that the blue ink had leaked for some reason on to the base of the cartridge, a good clean up of the base & the heads with a cotton bud solved the problem......could be worth a try.

Prior to this the printer had been uninstalled & reinstalled along with printer tests working fine

Hope this helps

  bof:) 09:09 02 Jul 2003

many thanks rins36 I will pass this on to my brother in law and report back.


  Agent Smith 17:44 02 Jul 2003

then I would guess that the yellow ink has run out.

  bof:) 23:39 02 Jul 2003

Thanks Agent smith,

My Brother in law informs me that he used 'Windows Office' to print out the words, RED,GREEN,YELLOW,BLUE in the same colour as the word and guess what? The only one to not print out was the word YELLOW.

He is off to purchase a new cartridge tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your help,


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