HP Scanner missing a couple of mm off edge

  Pauper 13:03 31 Dec 2017

Hi all - long time since I've been here!

Evening All,

Picked up an HP 8710 in the black Friday deals, nice bit of kit for £50, but...

When scanning an image earlier, I noticed that a portion of the image was missing. Temporarily resorted to positioning in the centre of the scan area and then cropping etc.

On further investigation by placing a steel rule on the flatbed with it aligned securely with the 'top corner' location, I've achieved the below:


The scanner looks to be chopping 2mm off the top and left hand side of the scan. I can achieve a fuller scan by going through the browser access page for the scanner and selecting 'full scan area', this reduced the missing portion to approximately 0.5mm.

However this is not an option in the general or 'on-board' printer options, and so does not assist with everyday scanning by either 'scan to network folder' on the printer, or, scanning via graphics software, both of which only allow a paper size to be selected - in this case A4 which results in the above image. Not helpful if you are trying to scan a full page A4 image!

Tried the HP Print and Scan Doctor software which found no issues, also tried HP support forum with the end advice to call them (yet to do).

Is this something which anyone else has experienced, or do I have a misaligned scanning head?


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